Thursday, June 16, 2011

Date Night

Last month?  X-men First Class.

This month?  The Hangover.

Next month? Cowboys and Aliens!


The Husband said in a huff, "You only want to see that because it has Daniel Craig in it."


DC CandA


To which I wittily replied, "Well, DUH."




But in fact: Cowboys! Aliens! Harrison-Freakin'-Ford!

What’s not to like?



And of course Daniel Craig.


  1. I want to see this so badly...because two of my favorite pieces of eye candy are going to be on the screen together. Oh yes, it will be seen.

  2. Well tonight, we are going to be watching Fire in Babylon on DVD. Viv Richards, cricket, more cricket... Gosh, I so can't wait.

  3. Yeah, that one looks like fun. How was X-Men? We went to Pirates IV for the 3-D experience.

  4. Movies fall into 3 categories-his, mine and ours...we try to take turns choosing although I give in easier than he does..the man convinced me to see Thor - I made him buy dinner that night.....

  5. This all sounds so...... foreign.....

  6. And fair enough by the sounds of it, you've been going to all the bloke movies. Weirdly coincidentally I just came back from lunch with a friend who has been on her honeymoon in Italy and had found herself sitting at the next table to Daniel Craig in a restaurant -and it was the males she was with who got all celebrity struck. She did say he was even more attractive in the flesh. Is that possible?

  7. @Jacquie - Like a KNIFE in my heart!

  8. ahhhhhh...deep breath. love daniel craig!

  9. seriously. not my fault if y'all can't keep your men. just saying.


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