Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Over The Moon.

In response to my (seemingly endless supply of) posts regarding my new movie-star boyfriend Daniel Craig, Jacquie wrote,

“Weirdly coincidentally I just came back from lunch with a friend who has been on her honeymoon in Italy and had found herself sitting at the next table to Daniel Craig in a restaurant -and it was the males she was with who got all celebrity struck. She did say he was even more attractive in the flesh. Is that possible?”

I mean, really.  Really?  Proof yet again that I am never in the right place at the right time.

But how wonderful does her girlfriend’s honeymoon sound?  Newly married?  Italy?  Going to places frequented by the Rich and Famous (and Totally Hot)?  That is excellent.

Here’s where I went on my honeymoon: Pukekohe.  From Papakura.  Rather surprisingly, there was a stunning lack of rich or famous or totally hot (uh… which we won’t mention to the Husband lest he get, you know, a complex).  Anyway, Honeymoon.  Pukekohe.  Seriously.


This is hilariously funny.  Everyone from New Zealand is sniggering right now.  Heavily.  It’s like saying you went on honeymoon from Chicago to Skokie or Minneapolis to Burnsville or, I don’t know, Jersey City to Newark…. if any of those towns in question had about 10,000 people in them.  And a significantly large selection of tractors for sale.  Also, you know, more than three stores selling sheep food. 

OK, fine.  Sheep don’t actually eat food you buy at a store.  Whatever.  You get the point.

It’s a good thing I’m so low-maintenance.


  1. The names of those NZ towns alone are hilarious. Were there hot springs at least?

  2. LMAO!

    My mom was researching the branch of the family that went to NZ (my great-grandfather came from a family of British civil servants, I think the only continent they didn't end up on is Antarctica) and my gawd the place names are hilarious! (Mind you, I come from a province with city names including Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Prince Albert*, so I shouldn't talk)

    I'll go on a honeymoon someday.

    *I had managed to go thirty years without connecting the city name to the exotic piercing name, until my brother pointed it out a few weeks ago. Now I can't think of anything else.

    Word verification: Kaine. Snerk. (Sorry, I did too much vampire role-playing as a misguided youth).

  3. My hubby and I planned to go to Oregon for our honeymoon, but something big came up (like it has for every real vacation since) so we ended up going to Azeroth together (it's the World of Warcraft world). Pukekohe is a huge upgrade in comparison.

    On a different note, I finally subscribed to Ottobre due to your influence.

  4. seriously? that is like The Husband's dream honeymoon.

    Sadly (from his perspective), I'm not that low-maintenance.

  5. See and I thought Ruidoso was the honeymoon and Pukehohe was just going somewhere a little a few days since we were staying at my parents' place until we found our own place.

    Orgrimnar is always nice this time of year too.

  6. I hope he at least took you to the v8's ;-)

  7. Not so much sniggering as laughing out loud and snorting with derision. (Except that I'm not one to talk, having not even BEEN on a honeymoon yet!) Somehow Italy, at a table next to Daniel Craig, kind of sounds a bit divine.....

  8. What is this honeymoon of which you speak? I feel confused. Oh wait, I just Googled it. Pukekohe sounds exotic to me. Is that sad?

  9. Mmmh, honeymoon in NZ sounds nice to me... :) Then again, I've taken the bus south from Auckland, and it does look terribly similar to the south of Germany, where I grew up. Maybe I'll take Italy and Daniel Craig, too... ;)

  10. BeanGirl. PUKEKOHE?! Seriously?

    I can't write anymore...I'm too busy laughing :P

  11. My respect for your DH just went up a notch--sounds like he was dead eager to start that family to honeymoon in a two-tractor town :) Yowza! Hope you took your (prenatal) vitamins. ...Reading his comment, sounds like he had the same idea. Right on.

    It hurts a little bit to think that Daniel Craig exists off the big screen and he was somewhere I wasn't, being hotter in the flesh than onscreen... I'm going to stop reading now. *sniff* but I agree about no celebrity freebies. They're hounded after and you don't know where they've been.


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