Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Placket Racket.


I realized today that I never posted a photo of my first version of Ottobre 1-2009 #35.  Uh.  So here one is.



It’s very wrinkly because I took this photo at 9 pm after a long day of 112 degree heat.  That’s 44 degrees if you’re wanting to be all metric and whatever. 




(crickets chirping)


(coyote baying in the far-off distance)




(more crickets)

Oh!  Here's a photo of the placket that I utterly refused to make twice:


It's not that it didn't come out super-cute.  I just didn't think it was worth the utter horror and despair, I mean the small amount of added effort for something a kid will wear for about six weeks.

Case in point: in the three months since I made this for TLo, she's grown again and I'll definitely have to take out the elastic on the sleeves.  At least the rest of it still fits pretty well.  Hopefully it will make it through to the end of summer.


  1. Yuck. Though, we're in for similar temps tomorrow...and the next day....and the one after that....for what will seem like eternity, but likely only be a week.

    I think the shirt turned out awesome, but I hear ya on the kids outgrowing everything you make them super fast.

  2. I am now missing Texas. Now that's what I'm talking about when I complain that I need heat that will make me miss winter. (I've spent all of ten days in Texas in my life, by the way, and that was in May.)

    Does TLo still hand things down to TBo? Or have you given up due to their wildly different proportions?

    It's very cute. I'm not sure what I'm going to do when Syo outgrows the jeans I made her. I'm hoping the crappy denim will give out first, but it'll probably depend on how much she grows over the summer.

  3. Ugh to the weather, although that tunic looks nice and cool.

    Nice placket.

  4. Very cute! I'm in love with the hot green buttons... :)
    44 degrees?! I'm forthwith going to stop complaining about Berlin's summers...

  5. I would be the most annoying person on the planet if I had to live through 44 degree days. The complaining would never ever end. My husband would leave me and I would have no friends. And of course a sense of humor would be a vague memory. You are a stronger and stranger woman than I.

    Very cute top, btw.

  6. 112. Ouch. Have you ever considered living in the great state of Minnesota? hehe

    The dress is super cute. And yes, the placket was worth it because next time it'll be twice as fast. (Unless you forget to cut the front on the fold, like I did last night...Which means there will be no polo placket...)

  7. Love the buttons and I think the placket looks fabulous! Definitely better than any I could do, so yay! That heat sounds oppresive and awful. Temps like that make me love trips to WalMart because it is always nice and chilly there. And they have those 100 ice pops for $3. Epic win.

  8. FORTY FOUR!? Holy CRAP - that's not so much weather as torture! The hottest I've ever been in was around 34+ and scored me the worst sunburn I've ever had as I sought to escape the heat by floating around on Lake Wanaka on a rubber tyre. (I was 18 and more interested in a tan than avoiding skin cancer. Ah the idiocy of youth)

  9. we do have airconditioning, of course. Although the girls spent a fair amount outside that day and really at that temperature, just doing the grocery shopping and back can be pretty exhausting. But we do have airconditioning, so it was an icy 78 in our house... that's... uh... 25.5 C.

  10. Yeah, i really can't imagine sewing for kids. They outgrow everything! Cute tunic, though, and the fabric looks cool for summer (though nothing is cool enough for 112).


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