Monday, June 20, 2011

Rave On.

‘K, so I was looking for something totally different but accidentally found The World’s Funniest YouTube Video (As Pertaining To The Word “Rave”).

I think the fact that it’s in Swedish makes it funnier somehow.  I’m not sure why… it just does.  (Which is odd since, as my dad is fond of saying, “Nobody likes a Swede.”  I’m maybe going to have to revise that opinion to exclude these two.  Also, of course, Alexander Skarsgård.

alexander-skarsgard-naked-07Although he basically looks like, you know, virtually every guy I went to high school with.  This is not a plus, trust me.  Big In Japan may or may not concur.)


  1. "Makes a good impression from the side..."


    AS is hot...must exclude him from the Swede decree. ;)

    word ver: lersta "That's a lersta ravin' goin' on, yah?"

  2. "big balls" "pet the dog" "get loose" what the hell is going on at these "raves"?!!

    har har har har har har

    The blond chap does resemble any number of our high school classmates... or any number of my cousins, for that matter.

  3. Hmm. I have only been to one rave. the people were too happy and colourful and the dancing was too boring (can you tell I was deep in the Goth scene at the time?). It was a very trance/group/bland dance kind of scene, all about being part of the group experience, I guess. I am an exhibitionist when I dance (which may mean I look just as ridiculous as the boys in your clip). I did not observe any bouncing balls or dog petting, although there were plenty of technicolour pacifiers.

    As for Swedes, well, Swedish Death Metal. 'Nuff said. :)

  4. i hate you.

    i just watched that whole thing without sound (for various reasons). and i hate you.

  5. LOL why? I mean, I know I'm just super-fabulous and totally worthy of general hate, but...

  6. You are a very strange woman. It is not, however a bad thing.

  7. BAHAHHAHAHAH- I just moused-over the Alexander Skarsgård photo that I downloaded on the net randomly and realized it's titled "alexander-skarsgard-NAKED-07".

    W.T.F.??? He is definitely not naked in that photo. Honestly, I need to read these photo caps more closely I guess.

    Meantime @ Elle C- I strive to be strange. So I guess I should pat myself on the back for a job well done. ;-)


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