Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Third of July! Yeah. You heard me.

So let me just ask you all this:  Does your town routinely do holiday celebrations on a different day than the actual holiday?

Ours does.  This year (like every year we’ve lived here) our town (and the attached Air Force Base) did Fourth of July… on the Third of July.


They also routinely like to try to do Halloween on days other than October 31.  I’m waiting for someone to announce that Easter will now be in August, Thanksgiving will be on January 9th and Presidents’ Day will be celebrated on the third Wednesday in May.



In any case, I hope you have a fun and patriotic Fourth of July.   And I’ll be sure to wish you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day… in September.


  1. On behalf of all of us with a bit of the Irish blarney, I thank you for the excuse to celebrate twice a year :) Not that a true Irish spirit needs an excuse to drown the shamrock, lol

  2. My husband wanted me to go buy fireworks last night (I didn't) - and I know that he would have bought more tonight.

    Thanks for the compliment about my new picture. I'm so self-consious about myself lately.

    BTW, with us almost being body doubles - is it any wonder that we are both "A" body shapes?

  3. That just seems downright UNAMERICAN! What's the point? I assume most folks have Monday off as well....

    The real question is, did you make your kids any sort of red white and blue garb?


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