Thursday, July 8, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

One of the disadvantages to having two babies in a year (other than the obvious utter physical despair) is that said babies grow up basically thinking of themselves as… one unit.  Joined at the hip.  Peas in a pod.  Creepily synchronized like children from The Village Of The Damned, if you will.  And of course, what One has the Other must have too. 

Does it matter that their figures are so dissimilar they don’t look like the same species, let alone like siblings?  No.  They must still have the same freakin’ clothes.  But only when the mood takes them. 

They’re called The Evil Monkeys for a reason, people.

I bought this garment for TLo in June:


It did not remotely come close to fitting her.  So I gave it to The Big One instead.  You’d think I gave away the flippin’ kitten or something.  So, I promised to make TLo a top just like it.  Um.  In June.  

So here we are.  BurdaStyle 7/2010 #144.  “June”.  “July”.  Whatever.go to BurdaStyle

Even though this pattern is for knits, I figured it would be fine with the plaid seersucker I bought (you know, in –ahem- June).  I also converted the ties to regular shoulder straps with lingerie hardware.  Mostly because the original garment had those and that seemed to factor highly in TLo’s covetousness of it.

BS 7-2010 #144


This pattern had two variations, one as a top with a waistband and one as a dress with a hem ruffle.  I used the top length for the bodice and then added the ruffle.


I had a really hard time getting good pictures of this one. 

Possibly because TLo’s inner superstar kept coming out.



  1. Success! And she loves the pink right? Sleeveless, you're on to something here.
    Are they really that close in age? Wow.

  2. Hehe, funny kid (and happy now too!). And I think this works better in a woven than in a knit.

  3. Thankfully she seems happy with it. I have Evil Monkeys (though not as close in age as yours) who like to request things only to despise them shortly after receiving them. (One said her garment was "too yellow" even though she chose the fabric after wrapping herself up in a length and admiring herself in the mirror.)

  4. They don't have to be close in age! My two oldest are 5 years apart and while the 13 yo doesn't mind dressing similar, the 7 yo wants the exact same thing! This makes getting ready for church a fun-filled time as she races around the house trying to match big sis. NOT!

    Anyway, cute top. I like the color.

  5. My monkeys are now 19 and 25 but they still compete. I don't think it ever ends. Cute Top- I'm so glad she likes it!

  6. Thank You. I Love You. You made my day!!!
    My daughter has been asking for a tank style nightgown, and this pattern is perfect! You saved me hours of searching! Again, I love you. Your version in pink plaid is so adorable! Nice job, she obviously likes it (the inner rock star only appears in evil monkeys during happy times)!

  7. She's adorable! I love the top, and I think I have some of this fabric hanging around...

  8. Now that's pretty darn cute! I love that last pic too. My daughter is THE. SAME. WAY.

  9. Hmm. My mom and her sister are 11 months apart in age and I think at some level they still secretly loathe each other... and they always had the exact same outfits in red and blue. Ah well... still better than the identical twins my older daughter once had swimming lessons with. I never once saw those children dressed non-identically. But even with my well-spaced children, giving an item originally intended for one to the other (even if the little one will get it back in a year when her sister outgrows it) is a surefire way of invoking WWIII.

    Love the blog and the attitude, by the way. :)

  10. Two kids in one year? Wow. One of my colleagues' 4 year old daughter always wants to dress like her, which is hilarious as my co-worker wears normal, sober business casual office attire. I am always trying to picture her little girl in business cas!


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