Monday, July 5, 2010

I. Am. In. Love.

You know how you’re trudging along through life, sad, disheartened, feeling like there’s just not anything to interest you anymore?  Yes.  It’s been a long sad haul through the ennui of the world that is fashion.

And then one ordinary day you’re trolling through looking for something, anything to pique your interest, like a teenaged boy desperately looking for free online p0rn….  The boredom.  The sameness.  The… crack-smokingness of it it all.   And then.

What is that???  O.M.G.  What is that??  Who is that?  Where did this come from???  And why hasn’t anyone told me about it?

Yes.  It’s True Love.



ANAC by Kimi.  She has HUNDREDS of these, people.   All out since only last November.  These are just the ones I liked the best.  Who is this woman?  I love her.

Remember how I love Anna Sui?  This mysterious Kimi is like…. an accessible Anna Sui.  A down-home Anna Sui.  An Anna Sui you can actually go on a date with, instead of just drooling over in a magazine.

Except.  (Oh yes, there’s always an “except”).  These tops are almost exclusively mesh.  It’s a large part of what makes them so lovely.  But.  How exactly do you wear these?  I’m assuming they’re meant to be layered or else worn by someone who has no need for (or interest in) undergarments.  But that doesn’t translate so well to everyday fashion for –ahem–  those of use with –ahem– a more zaftig look.

I think the fact that I have now found these tops on no less that fifteen websites and yet not a one shows them on anything but a dressform is… telling.

So now I’m stuck.  In love.  But nervous.

And yes, BS (BWOF) did have that mesh plus-sized top in the latest issue.  There is a notable lack of underclothing.

BWOF 7-2010 #137 T-shirt



Love hurts. 


(edit: sheesh.  Ok you really CAN’T put the word “p-0-r-n” in your blog post.  Unless you want all sorts of crap comments and email.  Son of a—)

(re-edit: That picture is deceptive.  Actually she doesn’t have on anything underneath –that I can see– but the part that looks like a sleeve underneath is actually the shoulder seam.  If you look at the tech drawing, you’ll see that it has a dropped shoulder.  So yes, it’s all just her perky assets.)


  1. Hey there. Did you ever see the post by Ann (of Gorgeous Things) of a mesh shirt with a print knit underlining? It was, ummm... gorgeous!

    I'm sure that you have but I thought that I'd throw those posts at you for some sewing inspiration. And I too, love those tops.

  2. BTW, the sleeve on that BWOF shirt looks like it has a double layer. or else she has a short-sleeve top underneath. (And extremely perky assets!)

  3. Very nice tops. I guess you'd have to have lots of camisoles. You are so funny. You should write a book.

  4. Wow! Those are all so cool. I think I'd just wear a tank underneath. My 'assets' are waaay too sizeable to go commando.

  5. Is that last picture supposed to be plus size? I can see that she is wearing something like a bra or cami under the mesh portion. Very interesting.

  6. I feel your pain regarding tops worn with no underpinnings - what's up with that? Our less endowed sisters do it to mock us. :)

  7. KS 20401 - Oh how very very very much I want the fabric from which it is made...... (well, it too of course)

    When I make stuff from mesh (which I do occasionally) I underline the bodice at least with something appropriate. A couple of years ago I made tops for me and a friend from the same mesh, underlining hers with black and mine with white. She was right, damn her! Flesh tone takes care of the modesty issue without fighting with the mesh too.


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