Friday, July 2, 2010

polyvorous. how… predictable.

Yes.  I just spent about four hundred hours messing around with Polyvore.  Yes.  It is a totally clichéd, been-there-done-that thing to do.  Yes.  I have a migraine and this was the only thing I could focus my brain on.  Yes.  I have potentially melted what’s left of my brain on fashion-and-collage pronography.

Ask me if I care.  I dare you.  Don’t mess with Migraine Girl, people.

On the plus side of this wasted twenty-four hours, I found a line of knit tops I’d never seen before which have totally inspired me. 


When it comes to fabric and clothes, we all know there’s always room for inspiration. 

Or at least, that’s my story.   And I’m sticking to it.


  1. those tops are freakin' awesome! lovin' the shoes too!

  2. I heard the Rev Dodgson wrote the Alice in Wonderland books while having migraine. This explains much!

    So creativity is maybe the way to go. Me, I can't see straight and have to take off my glasses thereby rendering myself mostly blind, so using the computer wouldn't be an option. All those nose marks on the screen are so hard to clean.

    Feel better soon.

    Make those skirts.

    Send me those shoes on the left.


  3. Cute! I love the black and white with the swirly front wrap panel. Way fun! It reminds me a bit of one of the Plus tops in the June Burda... Bet you could knock it off with a minimum of effort.

  4. This is a test. Seriously. For me, not you.

    But those are some cool tops too. Shoes.... sigh....

  5. "fashion-and-collage pronography"

    Awesome. :)

  6. Lovely stuff. I have never been to that site and care to stay away. Love, love those skirts - I wonder how they would flow over my very large saddlebags (dang it would be nice to have hips!).

    The tops are quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing. g


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