Monday, July 26, 2010

My Girlfriend’s Back And You’re Gonna Be In Trouble


So you can buy this fabric at FabricMart for $13.00/yard.cherry horse print at

If you are my secret fashion girlfriend, you can make this out of it.

go to


If you are my secret fashion girlfriend you will also have provided the world with this perfect, wonderful fabric (as seen below).   Which can also now be purchased from the good ladies at Fabric Mart for about $25.00/yard.

fairy fabric at


I’m finding that my secret fashion girlfriend is causing me serious mental anguish and consternation over my finances. 

I think we might need to go to couple’s therapy.


  1. That fairy fabric has been tempting me for some time... It's evil!

  2. I'm not buying anything this month, Dammit.


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