Wednesday, July 28, 2010

People All Over The World


People.   Some days you just need to listen to "Love Train".   Or even better: watch it in a dance line on Soul Train.

(Did you see Re-Run?  Seriously.   It was Re-Run.)


Edit: Just to reply to the ever-lovely Kris O’s question (and to completely ignore Angie A’s attempts to convince herself that she is right and I am wrong, which she is not and I most definitely am… no wait… am not… uh… wait… what were we talking about?)  Oh yeah, Kris O’s perfectly reasonable question was “Have you ever done a dance line?”  To which I reply in a high-pitched shriek, “Are you out of your flippin’ mind!?!?”  Er.  Which isn’t, you know, entirely the appropriate response.  I do realize that.  To rationally answer her question I would say, “No.  No I have not.”  I might also add, “I would rather burn all my shoes or eat mud than agree to such a thing.” 

Did I ever mention that I have sort of a moderate case of social anxiety disorder?  You know, as bravely portrayed by Social Anxiety Poster Boy, Donny Osmund?  Yes.  Me and Donny.  We are so similar.   We are, in fact, both a little bit rock n’ roll.  But we don’t like to go to parties and, you know, tell people about it.  Ditto on the line dancing.  Although, it’s possible Donny would actually like this activity.  But then, Donny can dance.


  1. I think I spied a couple tops I'd like to make!

  2. I was in a Zumba class recently and we did a dance line. So much fun! But so many people were big ol' fraidy cats about taking their turns. Have you ever done a dance line?

  3. Saw your post title in my feed and immediately sang...Join hands! For a Love Train, Love Train!

    It's really no wonder my kids think I'm nuts.
    heh. My word ver (which has been sadly stupid for weeks) is "sebropin". The NEW psychotropic drug of choice.

  4. firstly, you're a poophead.

    secondly, I can't e mail you back and give you the full verbiage effect because my Mac is with the AppleFolk and I don't have your email!

    You planned, that didn't you.

    (you'll have to go read the blog comments I guess to see my reply! ;P )

  5. what EVer. surely you can check your GMAIL from anywhere.... and here's my email anyway. This is a pathetic excuse to avoid speaking to me BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT MY UTTER MORAL HORROR AT YOUR DUPLICITY IS RIGHTEOUS.

    Or, he does love you. Which means all of mine LOVE ME.

    Ooo, I like that so much better. Because I'm pretty firm in my belief that Daniel Craig and Robert Downey Jr both love me and will fight over me if I make them.

    It could happen.

    (pfft snort cough) My word verification is "brazies". This is when someone is brazen and crazy, as in "Girl, your belief that famous gorgeous men love you is totally brazies."


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