Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Here's something you didn't know about me (unless you are my stalker, in which case I'm calling the police at this very moment):

I used to do origami when I was a little kid.

You are now saying to yourselves, "And this is relevant becaaaause....?"

To which I reply, with a faintly panicked edge to my voice, "Have you ever made a pillow case?"

Seriously, people.  Pillow cases.  Who knew?  Who knew that they would require the engineering skills of a NASA scientist?  The mental acrobatic abilities of, say, flippin' Stephen Hawking?  The origami skills of, uh, an eight year old?


You may recall that I purchased (or was given) this fabric, which I claimed I was going to use to make pillow cases for the kids. 


Amazingly, I actually made.... pillow cases for the kids.  (I know.  I'm as shocked as you are.)  But I didn't want just any ol' pillow cases.  Oh no.  I wanted good pillow cases.  You know.  The kind with the little flappy thing on the inside that keeps the pillows from flopping out?  That thing. The kids have a set of pillow cases like this that are actually pretty nice (as they came from Pottery Barn) and I figured I’d use one as a pattern.  So I did a little investigating to see how they were put together.

Apparently they were not, as I previously believed, put together by 8-year-old slave laborers in Saskatoon but rather by fabric manipulation geniuses... er... geniii... er... smart people. 

Or perhaps (based on my ability as an 8-year-old to create flippin' walruses out of paper but my complete inability as an adult to put together a freakin' pillow case) perhaps they were put together by 8-year-old slave laborers.  Regardless, it took me two tries with the complex fabric folding to get the little flappy thing and encased hems to come out right.  But come out they did.




Ta da!  Pillow Case au Flappy Thing.  Deux.


(If I was a good person, I would maybe write up a tutorial on how to do this complex fabric folding amazingness. 

What?  You know perfectly well that I’m not a good person.  Sheesh.)


  1. I've bought the girls several sets of pillowcases from PotteryBarn. Love their stuff, but not their prices. Anyway, I too have tried to make pillowcases that were similar to theirs with the little flappy thing. They really aren't as easy as you'd think.

    Love that fabric.

  2. Very cool! I can only afford to look at PB's free catalog. Honestly, I didn't even know they made pillow cases like this....

  3. Nice job, you ARE a rocket scientist! Oh, and your title? Made me do a double take. Time to get my mind out of the gutter!

  4. Nice. They look like REAL pillowcases. I always knew there was something 'not quite right' about the ones I've made, but couldn't put my finger on it.

  5. Adorable pillowcases. As a former child labourer in Saskatoon, I salute you. ;)

  6. Those are really cute pillowcases, and as you say - not as easy as they look!

  7. Wow! These are awesome. I haven't ever seen any made like this. You really are a truly good person and a tutorial would really be nice. But, I understand the time thing.

  8. I just blogged about making pillowcases for children with cancer. I was saying how super quick and easy this would be, and then you have to come along and bust my bubble with these super cool pillowcases, LOL!! I totally understand about no tute. I have exactly 2 on my blog...
    Miss ya at PR!

  9. I totally understand the shock that pillowcases look so straightforward but require origami skills, and the lack of inspiration to do a tutorial. Betcha there's one alreayd out on the web. Why reinvent the wheel?


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