Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today is 011111. Or I suppose if you live anywhere else in the world, it's 110111.  If we fell through a swirling vortex of time and landed in the Middle Ages, it could be 11011011.  Which means "Û" in binary. 


This thing with the month/day/year and day/month/year is hard for me to switch back and forth on.  The Husband's birthday, according to our marriage certificate, has been irrevocably changed from August to December.  We applied for a license in Texas and the girl at the County Clerk's desk interpreted the "12/8/1970" on his New Zealand driver's license to mean December 8th.  The Husband wasn't thrilled to find out he's been downgraded (his word) from a Leo to a Sagittarius.  Frankly, as a Taurus I find both to be inferior so I don't know what he's fussing about.

Since we're already swirling through a vortex of time, I thought I'd show you what my studio used to look like:



And how it looked this morning:


The picture’s not really doing it justice.  It is spacious and streamlined and pleasantly clutter-free.  In fact, I was so zealous in my reorganization attempts that I actually achieved something of a miracle (two more and I get to be a saint):  I have excess storage space.

This is unheard of.  Seriously.  Throw in two more tricks like that and I'm Saint Beangirl.  Um.   Which doesn't quite have the ring of Saint Catherine or Saint Scholastica or even (a personal favorite) Saint Hilaria.  But still.  I'm impressed with myself (which clearly isn't very saintly behavior).

Did you know that Saint Clare of Assisi is the patron saint of needlework?  Actually, she's the patron saint of poor eyesight.  But I'm guessing you can see the connection.  I mention this because my mostly-finished studio needs better lighting.  I have not one clue how I will achieve this.


  1. Storage space??? That can't be permitted. Go. Now. Buy fabric!

    It looks amazing! You are going to enjoy this space. Once there is light that is.

  2. Great job! I love the bright yellow walls! And, extra storage space? What is that?

  3. Wow! that's an awesome studio! I can't wait till we have a house big enough so I can have my own space...I'm so sick of turning around to guitar equipment and finding little bits and pieces of my husbands sh*t all over my table!!
    But seriously, you are one lucky girl!

  4. Very nice! Can you come to Michigan and get "over zealous" in my sewing space? I love the color of the walls and the shelf over the window. My space is beige/brown. BORING...

  5. Seriously, though, doesn't it make sense to start with the shortest unit of time and work up to the longest? The closest I can come to that is that Syo ended up with the wrong surname on her health card, purely because the idea of two siblings with different surnames (and the same parents) is apparently too hard for someone in the bureaucracy there to understand. The error is in my favour, otherwise I would probably have fixed it by now ;)

    Aren't you just making space for that vintage fabric? Or has it already arrived?

  6. Impressive! I want to know what the reverse view is, ya know, from where you're standing shooting these pictures.
    And how did you achieve this grand feat of organization with EXTRA STORAGE SPACE?
    Was there much purging?
    New organizational devices purchased?
    What happened to your corkboard?
    Do the Evil Monkey still have a tiny worktable, or have you banished them from the studio?
    What's that thing hanging to the left of the window, with a blue floral print?
    Does this mean we can expect to see some fabulous sewing projects in the near future?

    Details, woman, I want details!

  7. What kind of cutting table is that. I want one. what's that other machine there, a coverstitch? I want one of those too. you know, when you when the lotto. (in addition to my cash, please.)

  8. I hate you with every fibre of my desk-in-the-living-room-no-storage-nearby-sewing-stuff-all-over-the-house being. But that was kind of the point of your post wasn't it?

    I look forward to your elevation to sainthood but possibly won't hold my breath :-)

  9. Excess storage space? What's that?

  10. Saint Beangirl sounds good. What you must have suffered.

    But your space looks bright and amazing. The inspiration juices must be running now!

  11. Love it! Seriously love it - did you paint the yellow walls a new yellow? We did - it's hell. Seriously.

    More light - well I have a very nice track light over my cutting table, or you can always go with a freestanding ott light. g

  12. Annoying for your DH, ignoramuses at the County Clerk's office. He's a New Zealander, they write the dates differently, sheesh.
    That's right, space that's freed up, not room to grow :P

    What is that side fabric storage thing? Is it a bookshelf? In the first pic it's covered up, were those bookshelf doors?

  13. Impressive! My fabrics are out in the open like that too. I like it, because I'm always reminded of what I have and constantly thinking about what next.


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