Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Robot

We keep our iPod set to "shuffle".  We have 3974 songs on it.  According to iTunes, this is 11.2 days worth of music.  We have 6 albums that feature, in some way, Chris Cornell (3 Soundgarden albums, 2 Audioslave albums and 2 Chris Cornell albums).  This totals 94 songs.

And yet we hear Chris Cornell on average, I kid you not, every fifth song.

Even I am aware that 3974 divided by 94 does not equal 5.

Our iPod is obsessed with Chris Cornell.   I fully expect it to subscribe to a fan club any day.


  1. Mine seems to be obsessed with Taylor Swift (I. KNOW.) I only have 3 songs by TS. And yet, one of her songs pops up every time we shuffle. Hmmm.

    word ver: ecolo. Rolo poisoning?

  2. lol

    Porteshead over here (9 songs. NINE) I'm deselecting them before I synche again. If they remain on the pod, I think this means the machines are winning.

  3. Hmmmm... we have 11 Portishead songs. And they do seem to play a lot. Tricky tricky robot pods... they're all in it together, no doubt

  4. I don't even have an IPod. I still sometimes use a tape deck!!!!!I like order in my life.Fast forward and rewind is as much excitement as I can stand!

  5. hmmm - I love how the christmas songs pop in mid-July. You can just see my hubby cringe and he tries to remember where 'next' is. g

  6. Right now, when I shuffle my mp3 player, there's enough room to download EVERYTHING I've put onto my computer. So, when the playlist pops up, before I click okay, I go through and delete all the kids' music, the stuff I downloaded for concert band, and the Christmas music. But some always sneeks through. Nothing like grooving along to Tim McGraw and then have Raffi pop up. I wish there was some way to exclude certain albums from shuffle. I've tried making a playlist with all the "adult" music, but I forget to update it.
    My old mp3 player had the oddest sense of intuition and humour I've ever seen in a gizmo. It always knew exactly what songs would touch too closely that day! LOL.

  7. My ipod has a thing for Tom Petty. Things could be worse... the laws of random dictate that he should show up once every 500 plays, but no. I wonder if there is some kind of plot?


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