Friday, January 7, 2011



Do you 12-Step?  I don't.  It goes against several fundamental aspects of my nature.  Still, it seems like not 12-Stepping can make turning over a new leaf more difficult.  I mean, it’s hard to form a Help Group for the Fundamentally Anti-social and Smugly Superior.   Sort of, y’know, oxymoronic.

Mrs. Little Hunting Creek recently wrote a stirring testimonial about her addiction.  This made me laugh (because I always laugh at addicts-- I'm cruel that way).  Just the day before, I'd been in the midst of sorting and refolding my fabric, towards the goal of rearranging the studio (see Resolution #2, 2011).  I was quite proud of myself for having divested several yards of (perfectly good) fabric and making quite a bit of space in the storage cubes.  I said as much to the Husband. 

Then I informed him that very afternoon my mother had told me a good friend of hers was cleaning out stash and wanted to know if I would be interested in her "vintage fabric".  The Husband was visibly derisive and snorted, "Pssht. Yeah. Ask the addict if they want more heroin." 

Sadly, I came to the conclusion that there was little I could say in response.  Except, "Uh. Yeah."

More heroin, please.

I don't 12-Step.  I can 2-Step... if held at gunpoint... and forced to drink a whole bunch of tequila.

I didn't say it was pretty.


  1. Hmm. My formative experience with 2-stepping involved a drunk man at a small-town bar in Montana while I was pregnant and underage. Nuff said.

    Free fabric is worse than crack. It's free crack.

  2. Well, what else can you do? You're doing her a favor, anyway, right?

  3. Funny stuff you! I love to 2-step, by my husband no way!! g

  4. Out with the old, in with the.... OLD! Hey, you're not BUYING new fabric, right? Am I an enabler, yes, yes, I am. And your readers are clearly Nice Folk who can just skim right over that 1 and turn a junkie into a dancin' fool. Except for me. I'm an enabler, and probably a jerk, but I've known you the longest (I think), so I'm entitled.

    do it.

  5. Yes!! You can't refuse free fabric!! It needs a good home.

    Hubby has to drag me around in a semblance of a two step. After 11 years of ballet, you'd think, but no.

  6. Oh the truth hurts! Yes, say it with me, I am an addict. :)

  7. "So when are you going to show us the vintage fabric...and what are you making from need to tell us later...I'm shakin' and sweatin' here...need a fix..."

  8. You see, sorting and organising - that I understand. Making your space more appealing - yep, I get it. Divesting yourself of perfectly good fabric????? Nooooooo! Wrong, wrong, wrong! Get it back - you never know when you might need it! And of course you have to give your mum's friend's stash a home - would any one of us not step in to save some homeless fabric from landfill? Of course we would, and we expect nothing less from you.

  9. Ah, yes. More of the good stuff, please! I refuse to feel apologetic about my stash, at least for as long as there are other people collecting stamps. Or miniature cars. Or... (So much for being antisocial and superior!!)

  10. I seem to remember reading in the 80s (whether it was true or propoganda, I don't know), that the first hit of crack was free, and then you'd be hooked. Free is dangerous, man. Not that I'd be able to turn down a load of vintage fabric!


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