Thursday, January 13, 2011

Usually, It’s Just Better Not To Know

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to write stories.  These stories were typically sad, sorry affairs about her inability to make anything useful.  Sometimes they were about the things she did manage to make, usually not well.  Sometimes they were simply about songs she had stuck in her sorry little head. 

Despite all this, the little girl was terribly full of herself and kept a secret tracking device on her stories, so as to be able to see which stories people liked reading the most.  Coincidentally, the secret tracking device allowed her to see what people searched for when reading her stories.  Usually it was "patterns" or "uniforms" or "music", because she usually wrote about patterns and uniforms and music.

To the best of her knowledge she had never (no, not ever) written about... berets.

And yet.

stat search 1-2011The little girl was more than a smidgen puzzled by this.  Had she written about her grandfather's lifelong penchant for hats, and berets in particular?  Had she written about her grandmother's insistence that she wear a pompommed wool beret for Saturday Boutique Shopping every week when she was seven?  Had she written about how five years ago her mother had purchased eleven (eleven) authentic red French berets towards the (rather hopeless) purpose of making everyone in the family wear one for the Family Christmas Photo?  Um.  No.  She hadn't.


Seriously?  If this is you and you came back, I so want to know what you were looking for.  Honest.  Because if there's one thing in this world I hate, it's a beret (you wouldn't be expected to know that, I'm just saying).  And so it's funny to me that you were looking for berets on my blog.  And intriguing. 

Honest.  This has just been puzzling me for six hours now.  Curse you, Stat Counters, and your mysterious tantalizing tidbits!


  1. Interesting. What tracking device are you using?

  2. You could just google beret yourself and see what it picked up..

  3. Google analytics gives me some fun tidbits, too.

    Current favorite search terms: "stripey day", "big billowy sleeves", "crotch seam", and "large pones on thigh"

  4. Ah... but the search "beret" was a negative, it didn't turn up anything at all. Clearly this person was looking for something specific, I just don't know what. Or why. Which of course is none of my business, I just find it curious.

    I use StatCounter, it's sophisticated and free. Can't argue with that. I don't check it more than about once a month, mostly just to see where people are coming from (as in, what other sites they clicked to my blog from because I like to know who's giving me props, right?) Although this in fact may simply tell me who has a large readership (Trena at The Slapdash Sewist is the biggest contender by far, girl's got some serious traffic moving over there).

  5. Ha! That was me. I knew somebody had written a tutorial for a beret and thought it was you. I found it later--it was

  6. That's funny! Especially funny that Trena owned her search!!

    Google Analytics reports Trena as where most people find me from as well, with PR being a close second.

  7. Ok now I'm tempted to search for totally random, possibly scandalous things on your blog.

    I get most of my web traffic off of MPB, followed by Trena, but I don't have anything that tracks weird searches :(

  8. Stop with all the Big Brother funny business and get thee to a sewing machine in a well organized spacious studio and sew something!

  9. Very interesting, indeed. Personally - I like how you write about yourself in the third person - I almost expected "there was a little girl, who had a little curl...." Happy Friday!! g

  10. Loved the post! Loved the comments!

    I read a post somewhere about recommended sewing books once and wanted to go back and find them. I couldn't remember where I saw the post and never found the site. I love being able to search a site for something.

    I'm curious about who visits my blog, too. It's changed a little over time and it's probably boring now, but I think I probably am, too. ;)


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