Friday, January 14, 2011

Cubes of Doom

Trena very kindly pointed out that she was culprit... er, I mean, the interested blog reader looking for this tutorial on berets posted by the lovely  Despite the beret trauma inflicted on me as a child, I have to admit that this is pretty dang cute.  It's a nice tutorial too, so hop on over and check it out if you're looking for beret patterns.

Whew.  Mystery solved.  Now I can sleep at night.

But that leaves me with the need to find something else to write about... oh dear.

Let's draw out the studio remodel a bit, shall we?

Storage Cubes: Brilliant Design Concept or Build-Your-Own Nightmare?

I did purchase two new storage cubes to facilitate the rearranging and creating of new storage space:

storage-cubes  I wish I could say that this is all of my stash, but I have this much (or, um, maybe a bit more) in the closet.

The taller stack of cubes next to the closet doors are the new purchase, which went on sale at Lowe's on the very day I had my epiphany about remodeling.  I decided I needed two.  And when I got there, they only had two left.  Yay, verily.  It was a sign.  So, despite not really having the extra cash, I dug out my Christmas Visa gift card and  home I came with two spankin' new storage cubes.  This meant that I could remove the dreaded Fabric Cover on the old storage cube.


It had been a necessity because that corner gets some sun and the fabric was suffering.  But, like Mushy, I prefer to see my fabric out in the open (I mean, gazing adoringly at it is mostly the only reason I even own it in the first place).  So I moved the fabric to the (mostly) sunless wall and therefore had a whole big storage cube free for... uh... for… hmm..... for what exactly?   Good question.

new-cubes-of-goodnessI decided it was the perfect place for Notions.  And that's what's there now. 


I'm still in the process of covering and labeling cigar boxes and collecting prettier containers and whatnot, but that will take some time because I don't have lots of funds right now to blow on totally unnecessary junk.  Plus, I want things I really like, not just whatever I find right then and there.

I’ve discovered that despite never seeming to have the tool or notion I need, I have a lot of notions and tools.  That ArtBin is full of stuff like scissors and marking tools and needles and such.  And all these boxes have stuff in them too.  Plus there are more things that I don’t use often in the closet.   Sheesh.

By the way, my walls aren’t fluorescent mustard yellow and I didn’t repaint the walls.  Our entire house is painted this color, which is actually quite a lovely shade of soft gold.  Being yellow, however, it reacts dramatically to lighting changes and also photographs unpredictably.  It’s roughly this color:


And yes, I did ban the Evil Monkeys from the studio Forever and Ever In Perpetuity Never To Return For As Long As-- um.  Right.  Well, I bought them a new industrial-strength (read "cheap-ass junk from Walmart") rug for their bedroom (so as to protect their existing cream-colored carpet) and did a storage-and-table-rearranging number on their room as well.  They have the biggest of the bedrooms by far and now have lots of room to play and draw and watch DVDs and listen to music and, uh, sleep and stuff.  It's pretty slick in there, if I do say so myself.  Plus, now all we have to do is shove some food in through the door every once in a while and they never have to come out.

Which would be fine if we could ever get them in there in the first place.


  1. Hey thanks! Very sweet of you to link to my beret post. My apologies for any trauma you endured.

    I like your sewing space a lot. If I had such a room (and maybe a tiny fridge and easy access to a bathroom) I might never come out!

  2. I now suffer from notion-cube envy.

  3. Those are some fine lookin' cubes o' stuff.

    Texas, whoa. I think your studio is about 2/3 the size of my entire apartment. Seriously.

  4. I'm really loving those cubes, too. Lowe's, you say...hmmm...too bad the closest is 3 hour away. Damn!
    That really is a beautiful color. Our house was painted urine yellow when we moved in. Not very pretty...

  5. teehee, now I'm picturing heather's urine colored house! :P

    I have cube envy too. Damn you.

  6. LOL, Angie! They are NOT that nasty yellow anymore! We painted before we moved in! ;-)

  7. Your sewing room is so lovely. Sigh. I had to laugh at what you wrote about the childrens' room. I'm just now furnishing a tiny sewing room and have already resigned to sharing it with a big box of crayons and glue and four sticky little hands.

  8. It is looking very, very good. Veritable inspiration of tidiness. My mother is never seeing that picture.

    Just one cautionary note on your sunny corner - thread can rot in sunshine. You might want to cover the thread. Seeing as you get a lot of sun where you are. I have mine in clear boxes right on the window sill, no worries about sunshine there! North facing. Scotland. Yes.

    Wotcha gonna fix next!?

  9. Love that Notions Cube - now I have studio envy! Dang - I was so happy. Debbie Cook (stitches & seams) had a tutorial for making fabric cubes for storage. Might be the answer you seek - plus it would keep you thread safe and you'd only have to rotate them.

    Your yellow is lovely. Just teasing, because you know we painted yellow walls - yellow! Not as easy to do as it sounds. g

  10. I don't want to throw too much of a spool in the spokes, but you should consider that many notions won't do very well in full sun either. Think of thread spools with fading along one side, and accompanying breakage.. Think of crisp-ed out elastics lost beyond any hope of recovery.
    And I must say that your room looks light enough that I'd worry about fading even in the new spot. I've experienced some of the same without sun ever getting to the actual fabric, which is why I now do closets exclusively.. Light in a sewing room is a good thing, really, but not for everything.

  11. Oh I love the extra detail provided in this post! I need some cubes! I have the bins, but the cubes are just perfect for fabric storage.

  12. Man, that is a gorgeous studio. Jealous.

  13. I love your beautiful sewing space, very inspirational! I love the idea of the cubes for fabric storage.

  14. Books and mags? Not sure anything much likes full sun. Living in the north of england I am a little short on ideas tbh as its about as sunny here as in scotland!


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