Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Just In…


Get it?  It’s a bulletin board.  A bulletin… “Just in”… get it? 

I am so funny.

This is actually my old bulletin board (as seen in this photo). 


All I did was cover it with some genuine Marimekko Unikko fabric that I purchased (at genuine exorbitant cost) from… uh… somewhere or other.  Actually I think from  My original plan for it was to make it into a shower curtain.  Or rather, a part of a shower curtain.  Don’t ask.  It was a long and complicated design idea involving three fabrics, clear plastic, jumbo curtain rings and a blowtorch and that’s why I never did it.  The clear plastic was kicking my butt.  Meantime, it’s been sitting in my stash for three years.

I heart Marimekko.  When I was a child, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ apartment.  It basically looked like this:

My grandparents were all about the Danish Modern.  Danskware, Bertoia chairs and teak featured heavily in the formative years of my childhood.  Also Marimekko.  Remember in the early 70’s when imported Scandinavian fabric stretched on canvas stretchers and hung on the wall was the height of home decorating?  I do.

As a child, it took me several years to realize that when people spoke disparagingly of “grandma furniture”, what they probably meant was this:

and not this:

(Which probably explains my bewilderment at the disparaging tone, as well.)

Look!  There I am in their apartment, all bohemian and whatnot.  Well.  As bohemian as you can be with saddle shoes on.  Note the lovely rosewood credenza-and-mirror, circa 1970.  Ok, fine.  It’s a little hard to see in black-and-white.  It was 1970.  Kodachrome was expensive.


Annnnnnnyway, I attached the fabric whole-piece with thumbtacks (seven, to be precise, because seven was all I could find).  I hang things on it with quilting pins (you know, the huge pins that you can’t possibly use for garment sewing), so they don’t really cause much damage to the fabric (should I ever get over my fear of clear plastic and decide to make a shower curtain).  Easy-peasy.  Make one in an hour!  It will only cost you about $90.  Pssht.  You can’t afford not to, right? 

(Good grief.  Who has an ninety-dollar bulletin board??)


So that’s the bulletin board story.  I totally plan on dragging out this studio revamp. And no, not because I haven’t sewn anything.  Because I haven’t photographed anything. 

Yes, there is too a difference.



  1. It's gorgeous. I know you love Marimekko from your grandparents too. Yep, they had fantastic taste in décor! Better a beautiful and eye-catching bulletin board than $90 in folded stash. It deserved to be used and seen often to remind you of your grandparents. If you'd made it into a sundress, how often would you have seen it?

  2. I'm totally going to stalk your house and wait for you to leave so that I can break in and steal it. Some of your fabric might go missing, too. But you can keep the tv's, stereos, computers, and jewelry... I just want the "good" stuff!

  3. BAHAHAHHahahahah! Kristine, our house got broken into last night!! But they took the iPods and the DS's and the laptop. The cops thought it was funny when I said, "Stupid thieves! Don't they know these sewing machines are worth WAY more than those dumb iPods??"

    I didn't think to check my fabric stash tho... hmmmmm...

  4. It's adorable, and I am totally with you on the machines! It's a good thing thieves are stupid.

    And oh my gosh, you got broken in to?!? Scary! I'm assuming everyone is OK, and just missing Ipods and game systems. Yikes!

  5. Ack! I'm so so so sorry you were robbed. They were really stupid to NOT take that cute bulletin board. The blue makes your pretty yellow walls pop.

  6. Oh I was going to say how your comment about the blow torch cracked me up - but then I read you were robbed. I'm so sorry, that's one of the most horrible things.

    Drag out the remodel and take care of you and yours. ::hugs:: g

  7. What a burst of cheerfulness on that wall. I love it.

  8. bummer! Not the bulletin board - that's beyond gorgeous and an excellent use of $90 fabric. Sorry to hear about the burglary - maybe they were lazy rather than stupid? (I was once burgled and the thieves made off with the (sparse) booty in MY OWN CAR ... a turquoise Fiat Cinquecento. When I described it to the police they said 'aah, thieves with no street cred. Don't worry love - You'll get that back'. Which I did. I was quite offended actually.)

  9. Please stop in at FinnStyle's Minneapolis store if you are ever in the area. We usually have a couple baskets of Marimekko fabric remnants which are great for projects like this. (Sorry, we can't sell remnants online or by phone.)
    Ben @ FinnStyle

  10. Well, there you go. I had no idea was based in Mpls. Figures! Not only do I no longer have access to Mill End Fabrics, but now I don't have access to BASKETS OF MARIMEKKO REMNANTS.

    I am more and more considering moving back to Minnesota with or without my rotten wussy "it's too coooold in Minnesota" husband.

    Hmmph. mumble mutter never too cold for marimekko grumble mutter mumble

  11. Holy crap, I'm so sorry for my terrible joke! Glad that you and your family is safe, as iPods and DS's can be replaced but lives can't. Stupid thieves... in more ways than one!

  12. No really, it made me laugh! You have excellent timing apparently! :-) Everyone is fine, it was just a bit of shock. We didn't lose that much stuff, no personal info or anything. Not really that bad a situation.

  13. Ha! When I read Kristine's first comment, I assumed she already knew-yeow!

    I can see some strong resemblance between two-year old Beangirl and T-Lo ! And yeah, come to think of it, I think my paternal grandparents had that kind of pared down, Scandinavian design furniture. Not much as far as decoration and objects, as a kid I always found it kinda boring and not particularly comfy. These days it probably would be design mag ogle worthy.

    I'm a firm believer of actually using fabric (and other beautiful things), so I say right on to that bold bulletin board, ATTENTION PLEASE!!!

  14. Excuse me. I've never read you before. This my my first visit to your blog via GMarie. I am intrigued by the table you have in front of the double window in the first photo of this post. Perfect height and it looks like it is on casters. I want this table. Also, your studio room looks wonderful and the bulletin board is magnifique! $90, but at least you used the fabric for something.
    One more thing-don't let a blow torch, smaller, inferior cousin to a flame thrower, intimidate you. You look as though you have guts enough to handle it.

  15. Ha! Flamethrowers? Piece of cake. Clear plastic? ARRRRGH.

    No really, I finally decided why reinvent the wheel (even if your own will be way better than any of the ones you can buy in the store)? I bought a shower curtain instead. It's pretty dull, but it has all but one of my requirements: large plastic "no clip" rings, white bottom and clear plastic upper window (so as to let in light, our shower doesn't have a light in it). It just didn't have the beautiful color. I decided to live with it. ;-)

    As for the table, it's simply a standard drafting table. It isn't, however, on casters. It might be possible to get one on casters though.

    The tables will be my next studio post (whenever I get around to that) so stay tuned! And thanks for reading!

  16. I found you through G Marie, too! Loved this post; it was very funny, especially the blowtorch redecorating.

    My parents had Danish modern furniture (intermixed with Goodwill furniture), and my grandmother's house was Victorian. Mine is very traditional, too; I run screaming from the suggestion that I ought to live with Danish modern. Funny how our brains work, isn't it?

    And I usually don't post my sewing as it happens, but in a big glump all at once, because I don't photograph anything either. It's the way of the world. Now, if only I had as many fabric shelves as you do.....


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