Friday, July 16, 2010

This Ain’t No Party

This ain’t no disco.

I have been totally swamped with work this past week with more to come this weekend.  And that means several things.  One, no time to sew.  Which annoys me.  Two, I’ve been ramping up my very poor nutritional habits and have been absolutely under no circumstances (-shudder-) exercising.  Which only annoys me insomuch as it means I will probably have gained five pounds this week.

And naturally that brings me to The Talking Heads. 

It’s a logical step.

You know how you can tell you’re old?  When you see people do something today that just thinking about it makes you tired, but 25 years ago you thought of as nothing other than mildly amusing.   Sort of like snowboarding.   Or guys named Jean Paul.  Or this video.  This entertaining, funny, exhausting video.  I wish aerobics class was always like this.  I might actually go.



I said might.


  1. LOL! I have a fondness in my heart for the Talking Heads. As an adult watching that video, I wonder what kind of meds they took to sustain that kind of activity.


    And Jazzercise is kind of like that.

  2. yep, tired now. And I only just got up.

    Little mild bopping of an evening - this would constitute exercise, no? If it raises your heart rate and makes you sweat - it's exercise. The fact that this state might be reached after a *very* short period of time, no matter, it's still exercise.

    Comfort yourself with the thought that them folk in the video couldn't do that today either ;-)

    Sorry about the no-sew. Hope it changes soon!

  3. You know we were in several airports the past few days and we noticed that we were really enjoying the musical selections, classic 80s rock & pop. Then we all realized that's how you know you're old. When the Musak is tailored to your generation! :P

  4. Yowzers! That made me sweat. I'm really impressed how the tiny bass player was able to stay in rhythm!

  5. I just love the Talking Heads.... Maybe if I danced along, after healing from kneed surgery (yeah, i feel old...), I'd lose some of the weight the dr's been bugging me to used to be so much easier....


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