Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feminine Bugs.

Do you say “ladybug” or “ladybird”?  In my family, we say “ladybug”.  My husband’s family (being English) say “ladybird”.  I have to say, I think that’s much prettier (if somewhat oddly inaccurate).  We’re just going to ignore the whole “all my bugs have two X chromosomes” thing.


I had about a yard left of this very odd linen print fabric that I got several years ago from FabricMart.  Unfortunately, they neglected to mention that the print lot was flawed and what looked like white background actually turned out to be splotchy misprinted pale yellow.  This is only noticeable in bright natural light, of course, so the last time I used it I didn’t realize it was blotchy until I went to pick up my daughter at daycare at the end of the day.  Still, the print is SO CUTE that I decided to just go ahead with the new dress.

M5695 photo M5695 lines

I wanted a sleeveless dress for summer, since I’m pretty sure TLo’s new metabolism is going to make her absolutely miserable in the summer heat.  I decided to adapt McCalls 5695.  This worked out pretty well, but I made quite a few alterations to the original pattern.

1) I took off the sleeves (obviously). 

2) I drafted facings for the lower half of the armscyes (since there were now no sleeves and the yokes only covered half the armscye).

3) I added a slit-with-a-continuous-lap to the back to accommodate the two yoke pieces.  McCalls has you do some crazy convoluted impossible  piece of sewing to get the two yoke halves to attach to the single back panel.  I thought it was ridiculous, so I just cut a slit and lapped it.  Much easier.

Here are the all the photos with close-ups and interior pictures.

M5695-front front

M5695-back back

M5965-interior-armscye_facingarmscye facing

M5965-interior-facing_yokeinterior back yoke with slit and continuous lap 

M5965-back-detail super-cute ladybug button with 1/8” elastic closure

Unfortunately, this fabric wrinkles if you so much as look at it funny.  I pressed this before I picked up the camera.  By the time I took the photos above and got it on TLo, it looked like this.


Good thing my kids always look like their clothes came out of a laundry hamper.  This will fit right in.

One summer dress down.  A whole wardrobe to go.


  1. With a smile like that I'd say you made a winner of a dress!

  2. Ladybug.

    Too cute! Well done!

    Big in Japan

  3. That is so cute and the button is perfect. Hey, at least you can forget ironing it - after all, what's the point? I'm all for saving time on unneccesary tasks. :)

  4. I have the same agenda (summer wardrobe) but luckily only for one. The ladybug dress is a pretty starting piece.

  5. Now that is just too cute for words! I love love love that fabric, and funnily enough a dress almost identical to that was next up on my drafting list. If patterns were cheaper here I'd just buy it, but they aren't, and a trip to Spotlight with the twins is such a major expedition that I'd rather stay at home and draft it myself anyway!

    (My Mum's english, so we grew up with ladybirds too.)

  6. Way cute!! That button is perfect. The last time I made a McCall's yoked dress was early in my sewing career, and I followed those crazy directions (since I didn't know any better). What a hassle!! And they wonder why people don't sew...

  7. Very cute dress! Linen has a tendency to wrinkle to no end! I don't own anything in linen! :) Ironing is something I just don't do (except occasionally while sewing...)! She looks like she loves the dress!

  8. Okay, so it might wrinkle like crazy, but that print is just adorable! Very cute dress. :)

  9. That has got to be the nicest armscye facing I've ever seen. I'd love your tips if you have any! I can see why you can't give up on the print, too cute! If the blotchiness bothers you, you could just give it an all-over tea dye that wouldn't affect the cuteness of the print but would even and mellow the blotchiness.


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