Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perhaps They Were Right After All…

Yesterday I had an entertaining conversation with Big In Japan, in which I questioned the addition of certain Facebook friends to her list.  My question was, “Is it mean, churlish, just plain b*tchy to ignore friend requests from people who I barely remember but who feel in some way compelled to add me to their friends list simply because we happened to graduate from the same high school in the same year?”  We decided that no, it wasn’t.  I mean, we are talking about people I barely remember the existence of.  I have also not set foot in the town of my graduation for at least 16 years.  So no. I am not going to add as a friend the person who, based on my admittedly very hazy recollection, had one thing to say to me in all four years of high school.  Which was to tell me I was a stuck-up b*itch.   So, no.  I’m not mean.  I’m just not interested.

Then I was sitting here sniffling and hacking up a lung (because someone at work brought in a vile illness last week and then generously gifted it to me) and trying to think of a new post topic and I wondered whether I am after all a bit of bee-atch. 

Because all I could think to say was:  “I hate Adrienne Vittadini.”

Which frankly is a teensy bit, well, unkind.  I mean, I don’t even know Adrienne Vittadini.  But I can honestly say I have hated her for years and years and years.  You know how I said I love Anna Sui?  I hate Adrienne Vittadini the way I love Anna Sui.  She is my anti-girlfriend (because no, Angie A., Anna Sui is not your fashion designer girlfriend).

go to A. Vittadini at

Here is a classic example of the monstrosity that is the Adrienne Vittadini collection (as shown by  Apparently the crack-smokin’ fashion ladies at MyShape think that I would like to put this garment on my body.  They are seriously mistaken.

You know what would be cool?  A thumbs up/thumbs down button at  You know, how has that feature so that if they play you a song that you loathe, you can thumb-down it and they promise to never ever ever play that song again?  For a month?  That feature.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Someone get a hold of the crack-smokin’ fashion ladies and let them know.  I won’t even take credit for it.

go to Jessica Howard at

On a more positive note, the crack-smokin’ fashion ladies also recommended this Jessica Howard dress (despite my own shape being the only letter not attached to it) and if I could get into it I would totally put this on my body.  So there’s some hope for them after all.

See.  I’m not so bad.  No.  Really.  I’m not.



  1. I agree in liking the flowered dress but not the top. I should pay more attention to your blog.

  2. I totally utterly wholeheartedly agree with your stance on Facebook - I currently have three requests from people I don't even KNOW! Why would I want to be "friends" with total strangers?! Facebook is brilliant for catching up with real, actual friends (I've reconnected with two that way, one I found and one found me), and fantastic for following photos of travelling relatives, but the artificial "friendship" thing is just plain wierd.

    Oh, and I want that dress. Thank you so much for showing me something I can't get. You do seem to have it in for me don't you? ;-)

  3. Facebook is hot topic apparently:

  4. Hmm, facebook - I try not to add people I wouldn't at least go out to coffee with to chat.Unfortunately relatives can be a different matter. One SIL kept bombarding me with requests, then got upset because I was ignoring her. In the end I added her, but then clicked hide feeds. :)
    Interestingly, I've got a chance to do some research into facebook ethics this year. Not really my area of interest, but interesting nonetheless.

    I do like the dress. The top - no.

  5. I have ignored some folks on fb. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. There are some whom I don't remember or their names have changed and I don't recognize their pictures. I always look to see who our mutual friends are just to see from where I might have known them. I have ignored one poor boy about 20 times. He keeps on trying. I do remember him, though. Just not interested in befriending him!

  6. I've had people friend me that were total bitches to me in highschool. I'm like, WTF? It feels kinda good to hit that ignore button.

  7. Actually, we have a thumbs-up/thumbs-down feature currently in development which should go live in a few weeks.

    We'll be happy to let you know when that feature is available to you.



  8. I know nothing of Adrienne Vittadini *except* that my beloved plaid suitcase that I've carried everywhere for at least 6 years is by her and i LOVE it. It's black and white plaid and easy to spot on the carousel in addition to looking kicky and stylish while I wheel it around (i have even been known to dress in b&w to coordinate with the suitcase). It is worn out now and I have to decide whether to replace it before it breaks or wait until a disaster on a trip to acknowledge that it is dead.

  9. You bitch. Anna is SO my best designer girlfriend, girlfriend:
    Hey that 2nd dress would look fabulous on me with my LONG legs and defined waist and stuff.


    word ver: lativedu. i got nothin.

  10. "Lativedu"... some sort of exotic religious figure. OR a bitchy woman who flaunts the fact that she has really long legs and a waist to all her friends, who then secretly put blue hair dye in her shampoo.

    You choose.


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