Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Do Not Watch The Oscars. This is why.


Zoe Saldana in Givenchy.



Turkey Dressing Skirt from Dana Made It.

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I know which one I’d rather have, but you decide for yourself.  Go ahead.  You I-love-a-dress-that-looks-like-a-lavender-toilet-paper-cover-my-grandma-made-in-1962 freak.


(“So,” you say suspiciously. “You don’t watch the Oscars?  Then where did you get that photo of Zoe Saldana? HUH?”  To which I reply, “Ah. Quite easy.  I stole it from Angie A. at Quality Time.  So there.”)


  1. LOL, my first thought when I saw that was that it looked just like the Barbie toilet roll covers my nana used to have.

  2. Wowee. That is a seriously nasty dress.. or is it a skirt & non-matching top? Whatever... Somebody in Wardrobe really doesn't like that actress. Wonder what she did to upset them?

  3. Hah!!! I had that same thought! And a big thanks to Angie so I didn't have to watch the Oscars either.

  4. The seams on the skirt look totally jacked up too. It reminds me of those tissue paper flowers I made as a kid. Those were pretty though...this dress, not so much.

  5. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Just the thing a young starlet needs, to liven up interest in her career. Imagine the fun of taking steps with those swaths or frothy tulle following you. Sounds like fun! Good on her for keeping the megawatt smile when there were certainly some disdainful looks at her über-fad-ish gown. She's got backbone.

  6. Wow ... poodles dyed up in weird colors ...

  7. bahaha!! Glad to oblige. :D I watch for the hot men, myself. A girl's got have her vicarious, ya know?

    word ver: snansh.

    Kristine, you trampy snansh!


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