Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh How I Hate, O-hi-o State.

I love Kent State, however.  And here is why: The Kent State University Museum.   It is the only reason I can see for wanting to visit, let alone live in, Ohio.  (Please send all hate mail regarding the blatant slander of the state of Ohio to: 1234 University of Michigan Drive, Ann Arbor MI 12345.  Go Blue!)

The Kent State Museum has an astonishing array of textiles and clothing.  A-ston-uh-shing.  There are many a book and CD collection dedicated to it (none of which I own).  They don't have a searchable image database (as far as I can tell), but they do put up some images of their exhibitions. They did a particularly thorough job with their recent "The Art of the Embroiderer" exhibit, which was on view for over a year.  I seriously considered going to Ohio for the sole purpose of seeing this exhibit in person.  Then I recovered my senses. 

I will warn you: the large number of online images could be due to the fact that this exhibit only just came down.  I’d get a gander while you can, because once their new exhibit goes up, these images may be gone.   And what images they are.  Here’s a tiny fraction of a sampling:

veiw of embroiderer exhibition

18thC_jacket 20thC_coat 1920's_dress


The website also has images from some of their other exhibits, both past and present.  For example, this lovely little series is a part of the "Mood Indigo" page.

go to Mood Indigo exhibition views




And of course, any place that has the genius to create an exhibit by combining E.S. Curtis photographs and shoes is just about perfect in my book.

Native Americans through the Prism of Culture: Edward S. Curtis & the Legacy of Collectors

go to Native Americans exhibition views


Oh yeah and the website also has a bunch of you know words and stuff and I suppose you could read all about these exhibits and their intentions and meanings and value to society and whatnot.  If you like that kind of thing.


  1. All I know, all I owe, I owe I-OW-A. I owe Iowa all I own and I know why...

    Name that movie...think fast! :P

    (Now that song is stuck in my head. Your fault.)

  2. I have no flippin' idea. All I can guess is it's from "The Music Man" and I have mysteriously blocked it out of my head (which is saying something since I've actually done that musical at least once).

  3. I moved to Ohio after HS graduation so that I could get a fashion degree from Kent State. Then I found out that I can't be that far from my family. Now, I'm a math teacher, but wish I had to do all over again!
    This should make you laugh... click on the link (it's safe)!

  4. Gorgeous! You took the virtual tour, and saved the pics for future reference. Hey, I'm a Michigan girl, my mum and brother are U-M alumni and both my parents were professors at universities in Michigan. Yet I went to OSU (!) because their Linguistics program is in the top ten worldwide, or it was at the time. My car got keyed on a game weekend: Michigan plates. Ok that was OT :)


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