Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want to say one word to you. Plastics.

So my last post about poor Zoe Saldana (Yeah. Right.) and her rather badly fitted and bizarrely designed dress naturally got me to thinking about… “Things Made Out Of Barbie Dolls”. 

Yes.  That is natural.   So here you go:


Barbie Toilet Paper Cover.



Barbie Cake.



Barbie Ax-Murderer Jewelry.



I had another picture to show you, but decided against it.  It relates to a story about this guy who shared the rent of a big warehouse space with my dad and a few other car-restoration type guys.  Apparently one day my dad was surprised to learn he couldn’t get into his part of the garage because the ATF had locked down the whole building.  Pending an investigation of the arrest of said co-renter for the production and sale of illegally altered fire arms (i.e. he was converting semis to autos and selling them to “hunters”).  Said gentleman was also discovered at that time to have a booming side business in the sale of online Barbie S&M “porn” which he manufactured on the same premises. 

Yes.  You read that right.  Apparently there is quite a market for it.


EDIT- Venus de Hilo said: “I think those earrings would be even better with little plastic Barbie shoes on them.”  Which is a totally great idea.  And since Barbie feet are after all interchangeable, you could accessorize your accessories to your heart’s content by adding your very own Barbie shoe collection at whim.   If you have a really good collection of Barbie shoes (or a really odd collection of You shoes) your earrings really could match your shoes every day.  Too funny!


  1. I had a Barbie birthday cake! She had a blue dress, and my sister made it for me. It was awesome...

  2. That jewelry is hilarious and sadly I'd probably wear the earrings being the warped sort of person I am. Barbie porn, huh? Some people have waaay to much time on their hands.

  3. I think those earrings would be even better with little plastic Barbie shoes on them.

    I had a Barbie cake with a blue dress, too, for my 7th birthday. That's, uh, more decades ago than I care to count, but it's the only cake I remember from any childhood birthday.

  4. Barbie porn???? Ken doesn't even have any, well, you know. How is that... Wait, I'm pretty sure I'd rather not know.

  5. Ok, I'm creeped out and fascinated by the feet earrings. Damn.

    word ver: scasu
    Is that jazz lingo a'la Sammy Davis Jr.?

  6. You might also like one of Chris Jordan's thought-provoking images:


    Scroll down to the one called Barbie Dolls, 2008.

  7. I saw a photograph in a gallery of a hurt Barbie that said only, "Barbie's hurt. Ken is sorry"
    Some people have a Barbie fixation that cannot be understood. But I also love those weird creepy earrings. :) I agree that they need shoes .

  8. Oh man, Doll cakes were the ULTIMATE while I was growing up. My mom used a cheap knockoff that was used only for cakes (although we had actual Barbies). I must have had one 4 years in a row.


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