Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What do you say when someone sneezes?  My grandfather says, "Gesundheit!"  My mom says, "Bless you!". My grandmother used to say the very very old-fashioned, "Opchee!"

Yesterday after a long day of working, cooking dinner, reading to the kids, fending off mysterious interrogations by men in black, I decided that I had no energy to deal with my pattern fitting.  No energy to plan a summer wardrobe for the kids.  No energy for much of anything.  But I felt sort of guilty about it.  What to do? Crafts, of course.

You've seen my fabric collection.  Well.  Actually, you've seen my garment fabric collection.  I didn't show you the tubs and tubs and tubs of quilting fabric I have stored in the garage.  You see, I've been quilting for over 20 years.  And my fabric collecting propensities are hardly a new thing.  So it's fair to say I have some stash.  Of course, my quilting stash is a bit less unwieldy than garment stash, since most of it is in 1 yard or less lengths.  Still.  It's there.

So last night I thought I'd do something to use up a teeny tiny bitty little chunk of it.  Eight charm-pack squares worth, to be exact.  Which is laughable if you're aiming to reduce your stash, but fun if you're aiming to make something cute. And I made this:

tissue FRONT fronttissue BACK backtissue FILLED Tissue Holder with tissues in it

I got this pattern from Angie A's tutorial.  It's super-duper easy to make.  Even I, slow-poke that I am, finished this in less than half an hour (that time included at least ten minutes spent trying to figure out what fabric to use and then trying to remember where I had put it).  Of course, I managed to sew my pieces together in the wrong sequence, despite several sessions of careful trial-and-error layout, but whatever.  It's still cute.  And practical! 

Tissue, anyone?


  1. Yes, very cute. My family says "Bless You" right down to the 2 year old and the 21 month old. There's nothing sweeter than to hear this out of the mouth of babes.

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who stores more fabric in, ahem, other places!

  3. What a perfect project - sometimes you just need to do "something" but the big projects are too exhausting to think about. Um, it's going to take a little while before a project that size makes a dent in your stash though!

    My stash is beside my desk, in my hall cupboard, in my bedroom wardrobe, and in my roof space.

  4. Of course we said "gesundheit" in my family. Now, I guess I don't really say anything because no one understands. I think the usual response to a sneeze in Japan is either a) nothing, or b) a look of panic followed by the question "kaze"? ("do you have a cold?", may also be substituted with "kafun"?, allergies) . Cute craft item. And one more pound lost? right on! And what's the deal with all the gubment secret agents and sewing bloggers? Selfish Seamstress has alluded to some secret missions too.... hmmm.

    Big in Japan

  5. So cute! I like the bright colors. Luckily, I have no interest in craft sewing. Non-sewing crafts, on the other hand...I have many supplies.

  6. Bless you. ;) Cute tissue cover? Would you believe every single one I've made I gave away for gifts and have yet to make my own?


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