Friday, March 5, 2010

Reader Mail… oh just sit through it already.

Well, color me surprised.  The crack-smokin' fashion ladies from very politely made a comment on my last post, in which I pointed out the horror that is Adrienne Vittadini and might have possibly, you know… just possibly, called the good people crackheads.  Yet they graciously ignored this slur on their characters and decorously acknowledged that they do indeed plan to add a thumbs-up/thumbs-down feature to their site.

Now I know the suspicious and pessimistic amongst you are probably saying to yourselves, "Oh sure.  Someone gives them a perfectly good idea for free and they immediately proceed to say 'Oh yes, we have all sorts of plans already in the works for just that very thing!'."  But alas, I have to give them credit and admit that if they were clever enough to think up their very clever website, they were probably clever enough to think up this little thumbs-up idea too.  It's amazing what crackheads can accomplish these days.

The fact that they obviously sit up late at night, 50th double-cappuccino in shaky hand, furiously scrabbling through the internet to find mention, any mention at all, of themselves… well.  Let’s be honest.  We’d do that too, right?  Oh you can shake your heads “no” at your screen people, but we all know what really happens at 2 a.m. when you suddenly feel a need to check your hits or google yourself.  You can’t hide from the truth.

Anyway, now we have something to look forward to.  Because honestly, while I'm not totally sure how's music-mapping thing works so as to allow them to almost always choose accurately for your musical tastes, it seems to me that this will be even more difficult to achieve using garments.  Will it be based on color, designer, style, fabric?  I think the answer will be quite interesting to find out, don't you?  Almost makes you wish you were a statistical programmer, right?

I said "almost".


  1. BUSTED!

    Big in Japan

  2. If I drank cappuccino all day, I'd be up all night, too! I usually like what MyShape shows for my shape (currently an "H", but I'm working on it). What I really used to like about MyShape was the ability to simply save the pictures without using screen-shot and PSP ... Now their pix are un-snaggable.

  3. You can sign up for google alerts and get notified whenever someone mentions your name online. But don't, it'll drive you crazy.


  4. Um - Wow! That's pretty cool.

  5. LOL I have very little fear of being driven crazy by an online alert. If I google my actual name, I get one solitary hit (due to a claim I filed against the city about 15 years ago) and if I googled "beangirl" I would be inundated by hits all relating to someone else.

    My biggest hope now is that the MyShape people aren't going to sue me for using their pictures (or, you know, calling them crackheads). They seem pretty nice though, so we'll see.


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