Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today I pulled something out of the closet (and by “closet” I mean the giant pile of semi-folded laundry sitting on the chair in my bedroom) and had to laugh.  It’s one of the first garments I made for myself, which makes it at least 4 years old.  The fabric I used had been sitting in my (significantly smaller) stash since- and I kid you not- 1993.  That makes this shirt, or the components thereof, 17 years old.  Yikes.  I see now that hoarding fabric is nothing new to me.  In all fairness, I bought this fabric in 1993 when I went through a brief phase of thinking, thinking mind you, about making my own clothes.  It didn’t last long, but I bought about four pieces of clothes-sized fabric that I then just hung on to on the off chance that I might use them for something.  Quilt backs was my best guess.  Instead I never did use them and finally dug them out when I started making my own clothes.

I don’t wear this shirt very often because it’s pretty sad.  On the other hand, it’s flannel (and about 10 degrees outside today), it basically fits (by virtue of being totally shapeless) and in today’s instance it was clean.  You can’t argue with that.

This is an OOP Vogue/Koko Beall pattern (V7725).


Like I said, this was one of the first things I made for myself.  I chose this pattern with the hazy idea that because it was shapeless and had a drop shoulder, I wouldn’t have to worry about making it fit particularly well.    This was more a sort of vague intuition than a studied concept.  I did already know that my shoulders are narrow and my chest is not, and that RTW shirts are consistently too broad in the shoulder and too tight in the bust to fit me properly.  So, drop shoulders and a big boxy shape?  Perfect.   I also thought, “I’m a beginner.  This pattern says ‘Very Easy’ right on it.  And tells you it has only ‘4 main pieces’.  That must be a good sign.”  This makes me sort of giddy with disparagement now.  “4 main pieces”? What the…?  “Main” pieces meaning…?  This just cracks me up.


Could it get any more shapeless?  Or poorly sewn?


Yes, that is my facing finished with the overlock stitch on my old mechanical Kenmore.  You can’t see it well here, but that is one raw ugly edge.


And yes, that’s the facing irrevocably peeking out from under the hem.  And why did I double stitch the hemline?  I have not one flippin’ clue but it looks odd.


And here’s me.  Lovely.  Well, it was 7:15 in the morning.  I am not a morning person.  I’d like to say that I fixed my hair after I took this picture, but in fact I used up all my hair-fixing time taking pictures and basically my hair looked just this crappy when I left the house.  Clearly I am not taking the “Be Cute Everyday” mantra to heart.

And thus ends today’s little trip down memory lane.  Sometimes it’s good to look back and see how far you’ve travelled.  Or how crack-crazy you are to keep wearing things just because you happen to own them.


  1. I think we have the same "closet"! And it is good to remind yourself how far you've come. Just imagine what you'll pull out in a year or two!

  2. You definitely gave me a laugh today! I have stuff like that in my closet too....

  3. We ALL have that shirt in our closet, except in my case it is a pair of pants - made out of slinky knit and yet still I put in a zipper. WTH? Shh, I still wear them. Took out the zipper, though.

  4. That shirt is perfect for a cold, wintry day. I have a flannel shirt that I made several years ago. It is big. I don't care. It's become my comfort shirt.

  5. Hay, I have that 'closet' too! And I even used to have a shirt just like that until about 6 months ago when I cleared out the 'closet'. It was necessary - the pile kept falling over.

  6. Whoops! Can't spell. That's what a glass of beer on an empty stomach after having the flu does to you.

    And my word today is 'antulitr'

  7. That shirt is pretty amazing, especially for a beginner. I wouldn't have done the collar if I was just beginning!!! You are a brave lady. I think you look warm and comfy in that shirt. Fix hair? What's that mean?


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