Sunday, January 31, 2010


Um.  So this weekend I didn’t have tons of time to sew or fit patterns (and oh man do my patterns need drastic fitting efforts).  I mean, I had to go to a hockey game and then I had to do some housework and then… uh… I had to watch some TV.  You know.  Important things.

Which is all to explain why I’m posting yet another of my (apparently) on-going series of Image Collection links.  Hey, at least I’m posting the ones that have fashion and/or textile collections.  So it’s, uh, moderately relevant.   Really.

This week’s Project Runway reminded me of something that I wanted to add back to the list.  So here’s a goliath of a resource: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection Database.  Wowzer.  With just under 150,000 works cataloged online, there is plenty to look at.  And since most of us can’t make a quick run uptown to take a look whenever our fancy takes us, this gives us the next best thing (and to be honest, I find actually being at the Met a little overwhelming and I never seem to find my way to what I went to see in the first place—curse you ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and your mysterious power to ensnare us).  Plus, not everything is on view in the real world.  In the magical world of the Interweb you can see everything!


1958 Dior ShoesDior Shoes, 1958

Worth dress c 1874 Worth Afternoon Dress, c. 1874

Zandra Rhodes dress 1969 Zandra Rhodes Dress, 1969


There is some disadvantage to not seeing things in person.  I want to see the back of that Worth dress.  What kind of interesting bustle must it have?


  1. Lol! I was wondering the same thing about the Worth dress! And I want to touch it, although I suspect I wouldn't be able to do that at the Met either...

  2. I would love to go see that collection in person!

  3. oooh, i love the met's costume institute-- it's always the first place i head when i go to that museum! psst psst... email me at selfishseamstress[at]gmail[dot]com. i have something for you.

  4. It's a good thing you're not a one-note song :) Pretty costumes.

  5. uh oh, I thought I hadn't heard from you this week because you were busy having a baby. Maybe not. Now I have to find out!

  6. There's an Edith Head exhibit outside of Tulsa for the next 5 months. Sketches mostly (by her and signed by her but not actually drawn by her) and a selection of garments recreated by the OSU fashion dept. I really want to go, because I was an Edith Head nut a while back. Now I'm just a nut.

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