Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

K. asked for a 2010 Sewing Resolution post and I’ve seen lots and lots of them so far on other blogs.  I had specifically planned to not post any resolutions (a resolution to do so, if you will), but:


I am not a Resolution kind of girl.  Nor am I a “wow it’s a New Year” kind of girl.  What I am, in fact, is a cynic.  A cynic of the most hard-boiled, long-standing kind.  My own mother says I was the most cynical child she ever met (possibly until she met my oldest child).  I don’t believe things.  I’m not sentimental about things.  I think that in any given situation, most human beings will devolve to the lowest common denominator.   These are fundamental qualities of my internal construction and can not be altered.

I find resolutions not practical, in that I know that I will never keep them so why make them in the first place?  This is based on long hard evidence of my having never kept a resolution in my life (that I can recall anyway).

However, this year I’m feeling especially motivated to make a change.  So what the heck, let’s give it a try.

1) My biggest sewing resolution is the one about losing weight to be able to make nicer clothes.  That is sewing related and (almost) completely sewing motivated so I count that as my First Resolution.

2) Stop Buying Fabric (Mostly) is my Second Resolution.  Actually, I set this goal last year (independent of the whole “resolution” thing of course) and made quite a bit of progress.  This was mostly successful because I literally have nowhere else to stash my stash.  I found that having no where to put the stupid stuff did help me to control buying more.  Plus, even I reach a certain limit where I think “that fabric has sat there for five years, it’s aged enough for Pete’s sake.”  Saying that, if I had an endless warehouse of fabric shelves, I don’t think I would have stopped.  Relevant to Article 1 above, I will be using up a lot of this “gently aged” fabric by the end of the year (Yes.  I WILL.) and so that gives me a goal for thinking I will be able to buy MORE FABRIC.  Yay!  I like a resolution that ultimately ends in getting to ignore it in the first place.


That’s it. 

Seriously?  Two resolutions is two more than I normally have and given my track record in keeping resolutions I’ll probably be sorry I made these in the first place.  Because I’m very very motivated (mostly) to accomplish Resolution #1 so I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself.


Next Time: something much more interesting.  I have no idea what, but that isn’t a hard promise to keep.


  1. Thanks for being a good sport about making resolutions, I didn't realize you were a consciencious objector! I have the same problem with making and subsequently ignoring resolutions: e.g., annual resolution to floss daily.
    Way to go with resolution #1, which is much more profound (than learning to make a foolproof welt pocket).
    On the stash reduction, are you the type who gets the most satisfaction from steadily using a little bit of fabric by re-making TNT patterns, or do you like a project that uses a lot of yardage? Lately you've made a lot of Ottobre kids projects, which steadily use a little bit but differ from a stash-buster like making a robe. What are the sizes of most of your stash? Types of fabric? When I made a lot of trousers I had mots of 1m60 pieces in stretch twill to use up, so obviously I didn't make bathrobes out of them :) Getting to email length here, not a comment!

  2. I am only making resolutions that are EASY and things I do anyway.

  3. I made some last year. And the year before. Since I can't remember either year's resolutions, I think its safe to say I made them and promptly thumbed my nose! :D

    I do remember something about sewing up patterns before I bought new ones?? What kind of lame resolution is that??


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