Friday, January 29, 2010

Inclement Weather Day

I didn’t get one.  Awww, man!  What a gyp.

(What the heck does “gyp” mean, anyway??? I always wondered that when I was a kid.  Where does that word come from?  Seriously.  If you know the etymology of the word “gyp” I’d very much like to know.  I don’t think people say that anymore, so old people: step up and let your voices be heard.  Gyp?)

Anyway, schools are all 2 hours delayed but of course I’m a grown up (unlike my husband and my children) and I have to go to work.  On time.  Hmmph.

So you might not know this, but I’m something of a visual kleptomaniac.  I have been since I was a teeny tiny tot of less than two years.  I collect images.  Oh my dear lord, do I love images.  When I was painting every day (back, far back, in the hazy mists of time) I did mostly collage.  Most people thought it was because I like collage (well actually I do, I’ve been doing that since I was two years old also).  However, the real secret reason was, in fact, to facilitate my image hoarding. 

With the advent of the Interweb, my image collecting has changed somewhat.  Instead of perusing magazines and books and library collections, now I spend a lot of my online time searching for good image collections.  I used to have 110 (seriously, that’s one hundred and ten) links to online image databases.  Then my computer crashed and took the backup with it and I lost them all.  Oh, the humanity.

So I’m slowly piecing in new links.  Here’s the one I rediscovered today.  VADS (the Visual Arts Data Service) from University College for the Creative Arts in England.  These image collections are copyright free in the UK.  Awesomeness.

So here’s a little preview from a few of the many many collections.

ST4613_1 turkish velvet, 17th C.


one of many many many pattern envelopes


William de Morgan ceramic tile,  c. 1888

Oooooo.  Pretty.  Again.

And now I have to slog my way to work.  Have a good snow day, all you Okie readers.

(edit at 8:48 a.m. to say:   Oh, sure.  Now the schools are closed for the whole day.  This is totally ridiculous as it is currently RAINING.  Oooo, water fall from sky.  Gods angry.  Must close schools.  But not place where people work.  People work, make gods happy.   Double-hmmph.)


  1. Ooh, pretty indeed! Sorry you had to work.

  2. gyp comes from the word gypsy. Gypsies were well known for cheating people and then moving on. This is from a "wordy". I love words!

  3. I thought that might be it. Seems slightly racist but then on the other hand I have heard some gypsy stories that would curl your hair. When I was little my mom always used to say "if you don't (whatever it was we were supposed to do), I'll sell you to the gypsies!" I always thought that seemed like a pretty reasonable deal. You know, caravans, earrings, funky colorful clothes. What's not to like?

  4. Us Okies are still snowed in. :D I did see the plow go by a few times this afternoon though, so that's something. Is it wrong I'd take one more snow day Monday??

  5. Heh - I told Logan I was going to sell him to the gypsies just yesterday. I'm pretty sure they'd bring him back, though.

  6. Yup, very derogatory term. It's amazing but as a kid I had to work it out of my vocabulary when I found out what it was. It was just a word that I picked up so it must have been all the 1940s-50s movies that I watched then.


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