Saturday, January 16, 2010


Last week when I posted up the I Heart Hearts skirt, I was surprised to see that I had in fact sewn all three garments in the Ottobre layout photo.  I’m pretty sure that’s never happened before.  Ottobre produces too many patterns for me to complete very many from any given issue (bearing in mind that I own 14 issues, not including the latest which I haven’t received yet).  Or at least, there are more patterns in an issue than I have time to trace off and figure out how to construct.  Despite wanting to make almost everything in every issue, I end up reusing already-traced patterns.

Here’s the layout page again.

Ottobre 1-2009


And here’s what I made.  Not the greatest photos.  #18 was made from an old Cacique Sleepwear tee that I got from somewhere (I didn’t buy it so I’m not sure where it came from).  It’s super-lightweight jersey and probably wasn’t the best choice for this top.   I’ll post something about it next week.

Ottobre 1-2009-18

#17 was made last spring from some Angelina Ballerina fabric that TLo Just. Had. To. Have.  This is a perfect example of “Making Clothes From Quilting Fabric That Look Totally Homemade But Make Your Five Year Old Totally Happy”.  From a making it perspective this pattern was a bit of a p.i.t.a. due to the funky gathered darts, which I wasn’t sure I was doing correctly and, much to my expectation, didn’t hold up well.  I’m going to post a review of this and see if anyone can help me because I like this pattern and I thought it would be cute in plain fabric for a School Uniform Jumper (lengthened appropriately, of course).  But if I can’t get the darts sorted out it’s not worth the effort.

Ottobre 1-2009-17

And the third one you’ve already seen.   Hearty Hearterson.  This one has been, as expected, very popular.

Ottobre 1-2009-19

Three in a row.  Maybe I should try my luck at the track.


  1. Wow, you go! I only own 4 issues and I've only made one "outfit" according to Ottobre, but never the whole spread. Darn cute! I see what you mean about the weird darts. The line drawing leaves me wondering what the heck is going on there.

  2. Those are all really cute garments. Lucky little girl!

  3. My daughter would love all of those, and I'm sure yours does, too! Congrats on the "hat trick"!

  4. These are great little outfits for a lucky little lady!


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