Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby, It's Moderate With Wind From The S-SW Outside

(We’ll just assume from this point forward that you are ignoring the horrid photos of moi, right?  Right.  Because if I find out you’re not ignoring my really bad hair and horribly unflattering jeans… )

I hate sewing for myself.  Have I mentioned this before?  There are several ramifications to this, but the one most relevant to today's post is that I have suffered for five long ugly years with this atrocity of a winter coat.

bad-coat-closed  bad-coat-open

It's from Target.  It’s hot pink.  It’s shapeless.  I hate it.

I hated this coat when I bought the stupid thing, but at the time I A) didn't sew clothing and B) really really needed a winter coat which C) were not plentiful on the ground - or in the stores- and this is what I ended up with.  Yuck.

The sad thing is that I have continued to wear this hideous nightmare for so long.  But every winter I think "Well, I guess I should make myself a new winter coat... something simple... go ahead and make it in fleece so it's easy to sew and warm to wear... it would be nice to have a coat that fits properly, think how much better you would feel in one that did... blah blah blah..."  But the fact is, by the time I actually get around to pulling out the coat patterns and contemplating what fitting adjustments I'll have to make, our short coat-wearing season is almost over.  And then since there are only four or five weeks left of coat weather, I just decide to make do with the World's Most Shapeless Coat and resolve to think about it next year.

So this year, even though coat-wearing season is still almost over, I made myself finish a coat.  Any coat.  In particular, Vogue 8460.  Remember that one?  And of course because I was rushing to get the stupid thing done before the temperature reaches 85, I didn't really pay so much attention to fitting it.

Ok, I'll admit it.  I didn't totally know how to do an FBA on this particular pattern.  Or rather, I did know I just didn't like what I knew so I pretended that I didn't.  Know, that is.  And I didn't do it.  Big mistake.  I also decided that because when I was fitting the tissue the pattern didn't meet my center back, I would just add four inches to the width.  At the hip.   That’s sort of like deciding that because there’s a crack in the plaster of your living room, you need to tear down the house. Yes.  I am flippin' brilliant sometimes.

So now I have a sort of ugly winter coat that fits sort of ok but not really.   But I finished a project that I’ve said I would finish for the past five years.  So there.

SDCBH-Girl-arms SDCBH-Girl-closed SDCBH-Girl-open

I’m not sure the photos really do it justice, but this is still way better than the Hideous Coat Of Shapelessness, so I guess I should be happy.  But I won't.  That is not how I roll, baby.

(You’ve completely ignored these photos of The Amazing Closed-Eyes-Double-Chin-And-Flat-Hair Girl, right?  I thought so.)


  1. I think we must be related - I've been wearing a coat that better resembles a kennel cover because I haven't got around to making a new one. I also think about making one every winter and never do anything. However, this "summer" (and I use the term loosely cos warm it aint!) has been so cold that much more and I may be driven to make a coat after all. Hey, if I start in "summer" it might even be finished before the end of winter, lol. Congrats on finishing yours!
    The new coat is a definite improvement. I especially like that first photo with your arms out, though that may get uncomfortable after a while. ;)

  2. Cute! Much better than the old one! I love the bell sleeves.

  3. Keely, I totally plan on walking around with my arms straight out from now on. Clearly that is the way to go!

  4. Let's look at the bright side...
    1. New coat! New is always nice.
    2. You finished something that has been haunting you. Closure is always nice.
    3. Too big is way more wearable than too small. Being covered up in winter is always nice.
    You did good, don't beat yourself up so bad!

  5. What Kristine said! And also, IMHO, most importantly, you're getting started on yourself (and the stash). Don't give me that ol' "there's no time for ME", Honey. You ARE the reason for everything around you. Get going! Alterations on this coat will be a pleasure later on...but sew for you. Please?

    I'm on the other end of that advice, having just sent HusPartner your way to a conference in Dallas, looking like a poor country boy, the shame!

  6. I ditto Krisitne! And most definitely, walk around with your arms out and start a fad!

  7. Oooohh, this is pretty, and swishy to wear. The shaping is flattering, and the colour is going to bring out your eyes much better than the Target version. But most of all, congratulations--regardless of the outcome--on making a project for yourself. That fact alone is a good one. Keep up the good work.

  8. I like this coat and at least from the photos, can't see major fit issues. Of course, this is from one whose winter coat is actually a down vest, so what do I know?! I'm in agreement about the arms out pose, you can just burst into singing Broadway showtunes for added emphasis whenever necessary. Think of the benefits.

    Big in Japan


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