Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ok.  I am not much of a fashion follower.  Fashion Week is not, in fact, the core of my existence.  Yes, I know.  Shocker.  "Why in the world would a five-foot-tall woman who weighs roughly four times as much as the average fashion model (roughly) not be interested in runway fashion?"   Right.

However, I do like to meander through the runway slideshows now and again.  This year seems, as many others have noted, to be fraught with a dismalness that fairly takes the breath away.  Not only are the colors, or complete lack thereof, numbing but the shapes are... well, one can only say "Blah.  Unflattering.  Somewhat tedious."  Hmm.  I should be a fashion writer. I can so bring the world-weary seen-it-all-and-yours-sucks attitude.

In any case, although several of my favorite designers have yet to show and so I can't comment fully on the spectacle that is Spring Fashion, I will say that I have so far found only one item that I, the short fat non-fashion person as mentioned above, would be remotely interested in actually trying to wear.  And here it is. 


Some sort of drapey shrug/wrap thing from Loin Cloth and Ashes as seen at the ARISE MAGAZINE AFRICAN COLLECTIVE - PART III

Is intriguing, no?  Now, the fact that I see this as an item that I would consider putting on my body (as opposed to possibly framing on my wall) probably means that it's not really so interesting and perhaps even Bad Fashion.  I like it anyway.

Here's my interpretation of what it might look like based on the two images I've seen so far.  drapey-shrug-thing

I think this is totally possible to make.  Don't you?  Of course you do, you're drafting the pattern right now, right?

Please send it to me when you've finished.

(edit: yes I know, it’s FALL fashion.  I was looking at Easter dresses while I was typing this post.  Too confusing.)


  1. Well, it's cool, but I won't be able to pull that one out of the McCall's website! It is cool, though...

  2. I really do like it. Very fashion forward. Is it long in the back too? My mom could wear something like that in her wheelchair if it's short in the back.
    Please don't worry about typos, etc... when you comment on my blog. Hey, we all make those mistakes. I do more than most.

  3. I'm not sure about the length at the back and I couldn't find this particular garment on Loincloth and Ashes' website. I'm going to try to track that down today if I have a chance. I would like the back to be long, but I think (from a tiny hint in the photo) that it probably echoes the shape of the front. In which case, yes, your mom probably could wear it and the drapey parts could probably be wrapped around her like a scarf if she was chilly.

    Should I be concerned that I am considering making an item that is worn by an octogenarian or should we think you mom is quite stylin'? I hoping for the second but I have a sneaking suspicion it might be the first. :-)

  4. It looks simple enough to draft, if you don't mind the work ;-)

    What I REALLY want to know is just how you do these perfect line drawings? They look so professional, and show just exactly how a garment is constructed - making the line drawing is usually the hardest bit about the drafting and I suck at it. It would be so great to have a drawing that someone other than myself could recognize! (Please don't say you did a tutorial on it a while back - I missed a bit of blogging life due to illness (mine and the computer's) and I'd then be forced to admit I may have missed some posts!)


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