Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Information

1)  The kindly Cynth commented a while back on my fabric purchase from Hancock Fabrics.  She very graciously came back (after being subjected to craven pleading by yours truly), and posted a link to photos of her fabulous HP 24/7 A-Line Skirt version. 

go to Cynth's HP 24/7 Skirt

Check it out.  I'm thinking that this style might be a bit over-the-top on me (simply because making such a skirt for myself will require substantially more fabric than Cynth used and whoa baby that's quite a statement—and maybe not one I need to make).   But I really like her results and now the wheels are churning in my little hamster-cage of a head.

2)  Judy In N.Z., a.k.a. Judy-Does-She-Ever-Make-Anything-Ugly-No-She-Doesn't-I-Hate-Her, had asked about the line drawings I made of my imaginary garments

Have You Seen This Dress?

Fashion Week / Knock-off

and whether there is a tutorial for this.  Unfortunately, there is not.  In the spirit of full disclosure:  I am actually a bona fide, trained, professional illustrator.  Therefore I gots the skillz (and the software) to make said illustrations.  If there was a relatively easy way for me to provide the how-to I would, but I think that's probably beyond the scope of a tutorial.  Beyond the scope of one I can deal with, at any rate.  So I'm not much help there.  All I can recommend is... that you hire a bona fide trained professional illustrator. She takes checks, cash or Pay Pal.  Or barring that, just brush up on your drawing skills and be proud of your achievements as they are, because I don't think anyone expects perfect drawings… and doggonit, people like you.  There.  Daily Affirmation.  (I heart Al Franken… and whatever happened to Davis?  What the heck am I talking about?  Google it, baby.)

3)  KidMD (Katie) made a comment on that same Have-You-Seen-This-Dress post and provided us all with The Answer.... in the form of McCalls 5885, which is truly one of the ugliest things I have ever seen in my life. 


Until you get past the crazy-ass ruffles on that first shirt and take a look at the line-drawings. 

M5885 line drawingsThen you see the true brilliance of KidMD, who is - clearly - a genius.  Takes one to know one, I always say.  So now I have something to purchase when McCall patterns go back on sale.  Because I really need more patterns.   Stop laughing.

And thus ends today’s episode of “Random Information”.  That is all.


  1. I totally would never have seen that fabric as a skirt! Cynth IS a genius. And as you said, it takes one to know one. Heh.

  2. I'm no genius like these other folk, but I can tell you that McCall's patterns are on sale at Sewing Patterns dot com for $2.99. And of course, I just clicked over there and saw that ruffled delight is available "as a download only" for a couple bucks more. Still on sale and you being one of those computery types probably have no trouble with downloading patterns. I on the other hand am a Luddite who enjoys taxing the postman. Ruffles away! (snort)

    Big in Japan

  3. I love your posts! I never know what I'll find and that's great. I did not know you were an illustrator. I am so envious!

  4. I wondered where you got that illustration. Very impressed. I can draw stick figures, but they don't always have the correct number of limbs.

  5. Bugger. I was so hoping you WEREN'T going to say you are a trained professional and any idiot could do it! If you lived closer I'd make your daughter's jeans in exchange for some of those kick-ass tech drawings. For my dismal sketching ability, see today's post. Told you I suck at sketching!


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