Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nurture or Nature?

One of my many deeply-held convictions is that my children get their perverse natures from their father.  It is totally reasonable, in my opinion, to blame him for most, if not all, of their personality flaws-- the largest being their sheer perversity of nature. 

Take TLo.  For six weeks straight she would eat nothing but cottage cheese and applesauce. By the sixth week, I’d decided that we would not be making any extra trips to the grocery store for cottage cheese that week and bought three large containers (at a pretty hefty price, I might add).  The next day TLo announced that she “hates cottage cheese” and outright refused to eat any.  I ate a lot of cottage cheese for the next two weeks.

If that doesn’t convince you, take The Big One instead.  She insisted for six months that she wanted a birthday party at the horse ranch.  Then last week when my mother suddenly remembered that she had purchased a party package from a horse-farm at a charity auction, The Big One suddenly decided that nothing would do but to go to the Princess Party place instead.

Now, it’s true that these little foibles are fleeting.  Being 5 and 6, the girls aren’t really of a mental temperament to hold out very long on these quirky changes in preference.  They don’t really have the attention span for it.  It is, however, highly annoying and I firmly blame their father for this fickleness of mind.

Until today.  Today, sadly, I think I will have to admit that maybe, just maybe, they get some of this from me.

Last week I wore a top made from an independent pattern company that I hadn’t worn for well over a year.  I decided that due to some initial fitting adjustment errors I would perhaps take the pattern out and try it again, because I really like it but it doesn’t fit quite right.  Once I started thinking about it, I remembered that the pattern required some internal construction that was not including in the instructions.  Since I figured if I made it again I would probably blog and/or review it, I thought I had better ask the pattern designer just what the intention was for that part of the design.

Happily, said pattern designer replied by making me a very generous offer.  “Hold off on making the pattern again and I’ll send you a newly released edition with revisions”.  Well, I’ve never been one to turn down a good bribe, especially one of such a kindly and generous nature.  So I replied that I would be happy to hold off, because of course what I say I’m going to sew and when I actually get around to doing it are two completely different things.

Except now I’m wandering around my studio aimlessly, avoiding all other possible projects…. because I want to sew that pattern.  I must sew it.  Must!  It calls my name temptingly,  “Seeeew meeee…..  seeeewwww meeeee…..”



  1. The voices... I have them, too.

  2. Your posts are so much fun to read!

  3. That's really cool that they are hookin' you up like that!

    WOW, my kids get all their flaws from their daddy too! How uncanny is that?!

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I do EXACTLY the same thing - it really hacks me off when there is PLENTY I could be doing and instead nothing gets done till I can do what I desperately want to do.

  5. You know you *could* go ahead and sew the blasted thing and then send ME the shiny new one. Just sayin.

    heh. My word ver is "bringluc". If yer nice t'me I might just bringluc t'ya.

  6. Here is the comment I tried adding, but my keyboard locked a few days ago: husbands do the same thing for 'bad' traits coming from us. Now, I forgot the example about that one, but the downy brunette hairs that were on Madeline's ear have just gone away--lanugo, or otherwise they were *absolutely* from The Other Gene Pool. Not me! Not me! Hey, the word verification is 'nogynes' !

  7. LOL on the ear hair thing. That happens with very dark-haired babies of northern European decent (i.e. apparently I and several people in the black-haired side of my family had the same thing.) I'm thinking that this might mean that she's destined to be a brunette, which is a bit surprising, no?

  8. Hey, thanks for the heads-up by emailing me! Anyhoo, it's no surprising that she's a brunette, 'cos I'm a brunette in disguise and her father has brown hair too. Both of us had blond hair at birth, that was the shocker that she emerged ready to roll in her 'final' (?) hair colour. We both have green eyes so we'll see if her baby blue-greys change...


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