Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ich bin ein... uh... Wiener.

So I know these little chats we have about image collections are just so important to you.  Yes.  They are.  You know they are.

Because you just couldn't get through your sad dreary day without more pretty pictures to distract you-- oh wait.  That's me.  Well, whatever.  Here's another batch of things to look at.

So.  Did I ever mention that my grandmother was from Vienna?  Well she was.  Oh man, was she.  Picture growing up with... say... Greta Garbo.  Only, you know.  If she was an executive assistant instead of a movie star.  My grandmother could get some serious European on.  This is a woman who could tie a scarf in twenty fabulous different ways while simultaneously putting on lipstick, doing her hair and discussing international politics.  While blindfolded.  And chain smoking Camel straights.  Throw in a Liberty of London blouse, some cork-heeled wedges and a cup of espresso and you have my grandmother circa 1974.  She was the best.

I have a point.  My point is, my grandmother loved loved loved all things Wiener Werkstätte.  That movement was pretty much over by the time she was a small child, but clearly it had some sort of deep influence on her.  Which she passed on to me, apparently.  Because I too love all things Wiener Werkstätte.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a dedicated or substantial online image resource for this work.  Therefore I'm forced to gather up little bits and pieces here and there, which isn't very satisfying.  It also means I am now required to spend $39.00 on the "Textiles of the Wiener Werkstatte: 1910-1932" book I found on  Forced, I tell you! 

However, I had to share this online find:

silk and leather shoes c. 1914 painted silk shoes, c. 1914

I love these shoes.   I found these on under the “costume” page.

And not so coincidentally, these are the shoes I wore to work today.

liberty_shoes_converse Converse basketball shoes, c. 2006

Yes.  That is a Liberty of London “Ianthe” reproduction print on Jack Purcells. 

Maybe I can’t wear a scarf to save my life, but when it comes to shoes I can hold my own, baby.

And finally: If you have knowledge of a good consolidated online image library of Secession craftwork, pleeeease share!  Pretty please.


  1. Your shoes rock. I can't wear a scarf to save my life either. People keep giving them to me and they end up in the kids dress up box. We have a very fancy dress up box...

  2. Those painted sillk cuties are the most awesome shoes ever! I want them. Love the sneaks, too.

    Deep in my closet are 4 Hermes scarves c. 1990 (bold, bright colors, nothing beige or horsey about them!) that I have no use for or talent for wearing. Every now and then I pull them out and fondle them and consider selling them on eBay for about a nanosecond, but I just can't part with them. They are MINE, I tell you, mine! Silk brings out the greedy in me.


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