Friday, February 5, 2010

Perfect World

So this morning while I was driving her to kindergarten TLo announced, "Darius says that I'm the hottest girl in school.  Last week Esteban said my sissy is the hottest girl at her school."  Esteban and her sissy are in first grade.

Okaaay.  I decided to play it cool and smooth.  Qualities I'm known for.

"So, what does that mean if you're the hottest girl in school?"

"Well….  it means you're a good friend and say nice things about people… and help people and... you're kind to others... and you're good at your sight words and your plusses and writing your letters."

"Wow.  Those are all really good things to be, huh?"


Wouldn't it be nice if for just a little while longer, the hottest girl was the girl who was kind and sweet and smart?


  1. That is awesome. Hold on to that, baby!! And good on you for not flipping out! I'd have had a hard time keeping my cool. You must be the hottest mom in school!

  2. Yep....I love the innocence of youth! If only life stayed that way!

  3. Out of the mouth of babes!! Smart mom to ask for a definition before you called up this boy's mom and blessed her out for teaching her son to say such things about your daughter!

  4. Oh wow. Yes, that would be most awesome indeed.


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