Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I See London, I See France

OK, so I just have to say that this whole next conversation (I like to call these little monologues "conversations") will be about underwear.  So if you're not interested in hearing about some stranger's underwear, probably you can just click over to Facebook now or something.

Actually, I don't really have that much to say about underwear.  It's just that I'm having a terrible time with finding a decent bra.  This is partly my fault for being a real cheap-ass when it comes to undergarments, partly because I hate visiting the bra-fitting ladies in the department store and partly because I wear a very awkward size.  I mean, apparently it's awkward for bra manufacturers.  I don't personally find it awkward but I guess I'm out of the Bra Size loop.  Seriously, I do not see why these places assume that someone who wears a 36 band is unlikely to wear a DD cup.  But apparently this is just beyond the realm.  It's not like I am unusually large either. People who see me don't generally shout, "Wow!  Big boobs!"  So what is up with that? 

Every six months or so I toy with the idea of starting to make my own bras (ex. see amazing bra-producing skills ala Heather).  But this seems like something that is really, really hard to do.  Or rather really, really hard to do well.  I fear that once I learn all the ins and outs of the actual construction process (which are mostly new to me and I suspect not really within my purview), spend money purchasing fabrics and fittings I don’t already own and generally wasting great volumes of time and effort, I will end up with a bra that fits no better or possibly even worse than poorly-fitting bras I could have purchased for $20 at Walmart.

Still, $90 for a single bra is a bit... prohibitive.  I have no money these days and spending $250 on two or three underthings is a bit of extravagance that I can't seem to justify (of course, many would say it's not an extravagance at all but rather an necessity, but I can't quite see it that way).

So here's my Grand Bra Plan: 

Step One - I am going to Dallas in the next month with the specific purpose of having a bra fitting at Nordstrom's (we don't have a Nordstrom's here so I will have to haul my sorry butt down to Dallas... whilst making a superhuman-effort to avoid Golden D'Or, which is tough since I normally only go to Dallas with the singular goal of doctor appointments for TLo, whose presence gives me the perfect excuse to not go fabric shopping).

Step Two - I will purchase at least one of the bras that the bra-fitting ladies recommend, provided I like the results and regardless of the cost (barring a $400 price ticket or something).

Step Three - I will wear said bra a few times to see if I really like it.

Step Four - I will see if I can copy said bra and reproduce it myself.

Step four made you laugh, didn't it?  Me too.


  1. I think you have a fabulous idea! Find perfect - copy for self. Isn't that why we sew?

  2. I say go for the gold and just make yerself a damn bra! LOL! I'm happy to point you in the right direction. If you want to know more just hollah. Oh, and I'm a 38J. YES, J cup!! It really exsists but stores in my area do not believe so either.

  3. Psst, I heard that Bramakers will make the pattern for you without cutting up your bra. Have squirming, grunting almost 1-mo old on lap, will check in for another update another day!

  4. I've had excellent experiences with the Nordstrom's fitting ladies, not in Dallas, but they seem to have a good all around reputation. I was surprised to learn I was a DD too as I thought I was a C! The bras I bought on my last trip back have made a big difference in my overall appearance and self-perception. You should be able to find something in the $40-50 range that will be comfortable and durable, you and your "wow! big boobs!" are worth it! Testimonial over. Step four had me snorting rather than laughing. But, hey, good on ya!

    Big in Japan

  5. I lived in Dallas until a couple of years ago. My suggestion is to go to the Maddox Shop. It's located in Casa Linda Plaza. Whenever I lose or gain weight I still go there and have the ladies fit me. In the process of finding the right style for me, they told me that I need the straps to be set closer together than they are on most bras. Currently I am a 36DDD (36F) and those are really hard to find. I get the Maddox Shop ladies to fit me, buy one bra and then go on a search for cheaper ones with the same fit. I have found that Bali makes a great one that fits me well and that I can find at Kohl's (sometimes) or at the Bali outlet stores or online. But you need to know the right size and the style that works for your figure. When it fits correctly, the bra doesn't shot "look at my boobs!" And, there is no way I would ever try to make a bra to fit myself. That would be a major frustration. Sorry this post is so long!!! Hope this info helps.

  6. Nordstrom's has a terrific selection of bras in that size. Be sure to try several Fantasie bras. They are all about lift and separation -- Brooklyn bridge construction with utterly feminine looks. Mine hauled my saggy boobs up several inches, making me look a full two decades younger. It's so worth it to be able to stand up straight instead of being hunched over with a backache from badly constructed bras. The extra perkiness is frosting on the cake. In fact, it's made such a big difference that I wear one to bed as well to avoid getting any fruther stretched out by gravity. Definitely worth every penny.

  7. Good luck! I suppose I should feel lucky that my boobs are so small a bra fitting would consist only of "just get the smallest size. It will be fine." LOL

  8. Good luck! I would love to do this too.


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