Monday, February 15, 2010

Vanda, My Dahlink

Ah, Vanda.  How I love you.  Actually, that's V and A.  As in Victoria and Albert.  Not the monarchs.  The museum. 

Saying that, I have never actually been to London (unless you count a truly soul-destroying layover I had at Heathrow once) so I haven't been in the museum in person.  But I know that it is heaven on earth.

The Victoria and Albert Museum has an online image library and then they also have an online print shop, where you can order prints.  This source has some really nice images.  The online library does too, but it's a bit more of a slog to find something.  Sort of just depends on if you’re cruisn' for eye-candy or looking for something more in-depth.

And not only do they provide this embarrassment of riches, they also participate in by providing the lovely "Shoes, Bags and Tiaras" for free.  Awesomeness.

Speaking of which, some random samplings:

1735 shoessilk  shoes, 18th C.

MQuant boots 1967 Mary Quant boots, 1967minaiture with overlay 17thCminiature with dress-up overlay

Liberty dress Liberty Dress, c. 1930

liberty dress 1885 Liberty dress, c. 1885

silk dress 1870 silk dress, c.1870

And last but not least, something I actually personally owned (until my miserable children caused my feet to swell like sponges at the beach):

Docs 1982Docs, 1982

And from the fabulous Print Shop:

Georges Barbier Barbier illustration


Bernier Bernier illustration

long dress 1799 Heideloff and Ackermann illustration


And that’s just from the fashion illustration section. 

Vanda.  You hav to luv it, dahlink.


  1. I can't believe I've been to London several times and not been to the V&A! I am going to have to plan a special trip.


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