Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mini Me

In Bridget Jones' Diary Bridget goes on a "mini break weekend", which to me is an oxymoron as it is a way longer break than I've had in at least three years. 

I think the average Mini Mart is way too big.  And probably just shouldn't exist. 

I think Mini Coopers are sort of a nice comfortable size. 

Apparently I have a little trouble with the concept of "mini". 

I mean, I'm not totally sure if 5 blouses and 5 skirts count as a "mini-wardrobe".  That's a lot of clothes.  But then on the other hand, maybe because my own so-called wardrobe is so lackluster and small, this actually is a mini-wardrobe and I just don't know it.  Huh.  That's kind of depressing.


Anyway, I have this idea to make these five tops (although in all fairness, one is a duplicate pattern) and these five skirts (ditto on two of the skirts).  I'm going to use only stash fabric, of which I have more than ample supplies to create this tiny wardrobe.  For me the skirts are all-season, despite being black.  Except for that duplicate in denim.  Even a normal person would say that could be for summer.

But then there's that plaid.  That is totally a winter skirt.  Today it's 75 degrees out.  I may have missed the boat on the plaid skirt.  So do I try that one first and, assuming I actually complete it and it fits (which is an enormous assumption), wear it for a few more weeks?  Or do I just skip that one for this year and go with the all-season skirts, which it will in all likelihood take me until autumn to actually complete and are highly unlikely to fit right anyway?

You can see why I never get much accomplished.

The five tops (well, four tops) are all patterns that I've had for at least two years and wanted to make for two years but in the past two years managed to completely avoid making because I decided to make kids' clothes instead and then of course none of those were made with any sort of cohesive plan at all so I had to make more kids' clothes to create some sort of wearable outfit out of the clothes I made before.   Oh wait, one of them I bought last week.  And that’s for winter/spring, so I guess I have to make that first. But otherwise, what I just said.

You can see why I never get much accomplished.

So.  Mini Wardrobe.  This is my tentative plan.  Because I have at least learned to not declare any of my plans as being a done deal.  I'm not totally clueless.  Just mostly.


  1. Love them all!! Particularly the skirt design that you have planned in denim (and black, but the design lines are hard to see in black.) I have a denim skirt with a similar shape and I wear it year round. I actually prefer it for winter, as it is long and reasonably heavy - both things that Texans can't do in the summer, as you know! Please, pretty please share with us which patterns go where, so that we can all copy you.

  2. 75??? Ugh... I *dream* of a 75 degree day! I love your mini plan, and think you'll get much use out of that color palette and those styles!

  3. I love all of your pattern choices.
    You sound so much like me.

  4. I swear we must be long lost sisters! ;) I like the whole wardrobe plan, although for me that would be a major addition not mini, lol.

    Is the pink shirt from Burda (whatever they're calling it today) magazine?

    I have a habit of making wardrobe orphans for the kids too. In fact the red jeans I just made were to fill a gap. Of course, they took me so long that I'd gone and bought some jeans in the meantime...

    (as for not being NZ citizen - I was born in England but have been in NZ since I was 3ish. Dad was a NZer so I can get citizenship thru that. I just have to fork over obscene amounts of money to do so at some point.)

  5. Wanna see what a plaid on the bias skirt looks like on the really me? I won't do it again. Once is enough.

  6. All plans are good. Go forth and sew!

  7. Okay - if the online thingy is right 75 deg F is 23 deg C. Your winter day is warmer than we've got at the moment! You might have missed the boat on the plaid. :)

  8. Oh, I like the plan. I'm working on mine too! Love the light blue top, I've been wanting to do that too but it didn't make my "plan". I'm doing an entirely vintage plan, just to attempt to sew some of these things I've been collecting. Hey, they should be used and loved, right?

    I also like that drawstring neckline that BWOF?

    word ver: malunkwe
    (I think I went to summer camp there in 1982.)


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