Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poodle. Not just for dogs.

Once in Portland, Oregon I saw a sign that said, “Poodled Trees – Sale Today!”

go to European Boxwood and Topiary Society 

Apparently this season we are treated to the skirt equivalent.

go to diane von furstenberg - look 2

go to : MONIQUE LHUILLIER - look 12

go to Thakoon - look 29

go to Thakoon - look 24

Those are just the ones I’ve found so far.  I have yet to slog my way through all the shows online.  I’m thinking that this summer will be The Summer of Poodled Skirts for the kids.  I like to torture them like that.


  1. Don't leave out the poodle dress in this month's burdastyle (AKA the mag formerly known as BWOF)! Seriously, who wears that??? "No, please, I'd like something to make my hips look like a land mass."

  2. I have no words.... Well, maybe one.

  3. Awww, wittle winky wuffles... (Gack!) But they do sound good for little girl clothing.

  4. I suppose wearing an enormous wreath around one's hips could create the illusion of a small waist, but AT WHAT COST?!

    Big in Japan

  5. Are the "poodled" trees from Versailles? They look familiar. I actually like the one with the gold bustier, but in general...huh. Interesting.

  6. Trena, I agree with you about the gold bustier one, that's by far the most reasonable. I think partly because the ruffles are much softer and the proportion just seems more balanced. But man, what a concept.

    I'm not sure where the poodled trees are from, I pulled it from the Boxwood and Topiary France website, so it's entirely possible.

  7. Poodle hair looks better on a poodle!

  8. I'm sort of intrigued. But then I really loved the yellow dress in BS this month.

    word ver: hymenga

    yea. I'm not going there.


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